Free Online Course ‘The Voices of Autism’ makes ABC News

World Autism Day and Torrens University Australia

To celebrate World Autism Awareness Day, we have officially launched a free online course.

The Voices of Autism, Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is one of the world’s only courses co-designed and co-delivered by people with autism and from various areas of the spectrum.

ABC News interviewed lecturer, Emma Donaldson and one of the co-designers of the course, Paul Micallef, shared their experiences and relevant information about the course on World Autism Awareness Day. During the interview, Paul Micallef said he believes the course will help the wider population better understand this often misunderstood condition.

“As a person on the autism spectrum, I’ve always found it challenging to get people to understand things from my perspective. For them, it may sound too strange. By sharing our stories and our approach to life situations, I believe we can create an impact on people’s understanding of our day-to-day experiences and bring real and positive change for people living with autism,” Mr. Micallef said.

World Autism Day and Torrens University Australia

Emma Donaldson reinforced the importance of changing the way autism is seen in society by using a person first approach to spreading the real voices of autism, 

“We went to the autism community and asked them directly what they need for the wider community to understand about autism”

In this way, the learning journey and content development of the course is authentically created for participants in the course to gain an insight into the lived experiences of autism.

The person first approach provides a thinking process to develop the necessary skills to look at a range of possibilities through the lens of the person with autism and their family, rather than jumping straight to solution mode.

The Voices of Autism is a free online 5-week course created for anyone interested in learning more about the day-to-day needs of a person with autism and their family.

World Autism Day and Torrens University Australia

People who participate in the course will learn together in a moderated online community, build on their own knowledge, find new ways to support each other and understand autism in the wider community. There is no prior learning needed!

At Torrens, we believe that real inclusion in education will bring real change to schools and to the community. The course starts on Monday 30th April 2018.

The Voices of Autism

Torrens MOOC

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