5 reasons to study Public Health at Torrens

Public Health at Torrens University

Public Health offers many career paths and opportunities domestically and also internationally.

Torrens University Australia offers a range of degrees to suit all levels and ambitions. You can choose from a Bachelor of Applied Public Health, Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma of Public Health, Masters of Public Health in a standard or Advanced mode, or a dual Masters in either Business Administration and Public Health, or Global Project Management and Public Health.

During your studies, you will learn the key aspects of Public Health, have access to your own personal Success Coach, and an opportunity to gain real experience and connect with our Industry Partners.

Here are the top 5 reasons why a career in Public Health is one of the most versatile, in the words of our Program Director, Katherine Faull:

  1. You can choose from a wider range of employment opportunities

It is a diverse and rewarding field, our graduate students enjoy many employment options with a Public Health degree. Some of the career options include policy, program and projects within the government, health promotion jobs, health service administration work, development-focused positions, as well as disease surveillance and research opportunities. With a degree in Public Health, you can build your career within the domestic and international markets, to make a real change to the lives of others. One of our graduates, Jacinta Knell is using hers to help others abroad, click here to find out more.

  1. Real practical skills combined with theory for best career outcomes

To provide you with real insight into your career and provide you with the best practical skills possible, we have partnered with industry. During your studies they will support your continued professional development by involving you in one or more of the following:

  • A project focused on maintaining and improving the health of a population.
  • Monitoring and/or evaluating population health data or indicators.
  • The process of planning, developing, implementing and evaluating a health promotion policy or project.
  • Health education, mass media, community development or community engagement processes.
  • Advocacy and lobbying strategies, social marketing, health policy or structural and environmental strategies for health promotion.
  • “Day/Week in the life of…” giving our students the exposure to a cross-section of a division/department and performing tasks within their function.
  • Developing written materials for use by clients or host organisation staff (for example, documenting processes, literature review).

Upon graduation, there are many opportunities to continue your professional development from postgraduate degrees, work integrated learning opportunities, and supported volunteering ventures.

  1. You will learn from the best in the business

Our team of lecturers brings a wide and varied range of professional and industry experience. They are passionate about providing you with the best quality education. Their goal is to help you grow and develop your career in the best direction for you and your future.

Public Health Torrens
  1. Flexible Learning to suit your lifestyle

We offer you the most flexible educational offering for you to become a leader of today and tomorrow. You control your workload, how and where you study, select the number of subjects you want to study each trimester and where: on-campus, online, or a combination of both. We have a wonderful campus and online learning environment. To provide you with the best experience, we utilise the flipped classroom method of content delivery, to enable students to workshop and apply their learning within the classroom space. Unlike traditional University teaching models which utilise classroom time for lecture/content delivery, and leaving students to continue their learning on their own. We have small class sizes to ensure students receive quality interactions with their Lecturer.

  1. Benefit from your own personal success coach

Your learning journey at Torrens will be closely supported by your very own Success Coach, who will help you achieve your career and life aspirations by focusing on your personal strengths. As a new student, you will be assigned a dedicated Success Coach during your first trimester, and they will be there for you to make any course choices, and focus on improving your employability.

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