The Policies, Procedures and related Forms below apply to Torrens University Australia Pty Ltd.


Torrens University Australia Pty Ltd reviews and updates the policies and procedures that apply to all students as part of our Continuous Improvement Strategy. This involves input from all sectors of the University including valuable feedback from students.

Please read and become familiar with these policies and procedures. Any feedback you provide to us will be considered at the next review. Please email any comments to us at

Policies and Procedures

Academic Integrity Policy
> Academic Integrity Procedures
Academic Progress Policy
Admissions Policy
> English Language Proficiency Requirements
> International Students Under 18 Procedure
> Support of ELICOS Student Learning
Assessment Policy for Vocational Education and Training
Assessment Policy for Higher Education Coursework and ELICOS
> ELICOS Assessment
> Examination Procedure
> Requesting a re-mark (HE/ELICOS) or re-assessment (VET)
Children on Laureate Australia Premises Policy
> Requesting Permission to Bring Children to Laureate Australia Premises
Copyright Compliance and Intellectual Property Policy
Credit Policy
> Applying for course credit
Critical Incident Management Policy
> Critical Incident Management Procedure
Disability Policy
> Disability Resource Pack for Students
Enrolment and Attendance Policy
> Attendance Monitoring (ELICOS)
> Course Transfer
> Deferring Commencement of a Course
> International Student Transfer Request Procedures
> Leave of Absence
> Withdrawing from a Subject
> Withdrawing from a Course
Graduation and Certification Policy
> Requesting Official Documents
Privacy Policy
Research Code of Conduct
> Research Misconduct Procedure
Research Data Management Policy
Research Higher Degree Courses Policy
> Research Student Progress Procedure
Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships Policy
> Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships Guidelines
Student Complaints Policy
> Resolving a Complaint Informally
> Formal Complaints or Review of Decisions
> Internal Review (Appeals) Procedure
> External Review (Appeals) Procedure
Student Conduct Policy
> Library Borrowing Procedure
Student Fees Policy
Work-Based Learning Policy