The Tertiary Access Payment (TAP) has been developed in direct response to Recommendation 2, proposed action 7 of the Napthine Review, and supports the Government’s broader agenda to strengthen tertiary education in regional and remote Australia. Starting in the 2021 academic year, the TAP is expected to benefit over 8,000 regional students in the first year.

The TAP will help outer regional and remote school leavers with the increased costs associated with relocating to a new city or town to undertake tertiary study and provide support to assist with the first year of study. Importantly, it will provide an incentive for students to start tertiary study immediately after completing secondary school, rather than taking a gap year to save money or qualify for other types of income support.

The TAP is also expected to contribute to the Government’s Closing the Gap targets, by improving participation rates of Indigenous students from outer regional and remote areas through providing improved financial support for further study.



  • A total of $5,000 in their first year of study, with payments made in two instalments:
First instalment ($3,000) – to be paid a maximum of 14 days after the first semester census date.
Second instalment ($2,000) – to be paid a maximum of 14 days after the second semester census date.

Application Criteria


The TAP will be available for Applicants who are:

  • from an outer-regional, remote or very remote area (use the Student Regional Area Search tool to check eligibility)
  • relocating to study at an education provider at least 90 minutes by public transport from their family home
  • undertaking eligible tertiary study in the year immediately following completion of Year 12 or equivalent (or the first available semester of their chosen course if the course has a mid-year, or later, start)
  • studying face to face, or in dual delivery method, for at least part of the course
  • enrolled in a Certificate IV or above qualification, with a course duration of at least one academic year
  • enrolled in full-time study with a course duration of at least one academic year, and
  • whose parent(s) or guardian(s) have a combined income of less than $250,000
To encourage students to enter tertiary education immediately following secondary school, the minimum age for a student to be eligible for the TAP is 16 years, unless an Applicant is independent, in which case it is 15 years, and the maximum age is 22 years at time they commence their course, noting some students may have taken a break during their secondary studies for reasons outside of their control such as medical reasons or emergencies, or have completed their Year 12 qualification over multiple years.

How to Apply

To receive a payment, Applicants need to submit a completed application to their participating university including providing supporting documentation. Requirements for supporting documentation will be outlined in the university application process against each section and criterion, for example proof of address and parental income.

Participating universities will notify Applicants of their status once their application has been assessed. For more application details, Applicants should contact their university directly. Application form will be available in January 2021.
Each participating university is allocated a limited number of payments each calendar year. As the selection process is a first-come, first-served basis, Applicants are encouraged to submit their application as early as possible after applications open to ensure they receive a payment before payments are exhausted.