Alumni spark entrepreneurial spirit at the Virtual Industry Connection Fair

Torrens University | Virtual Industry Careers Festival | Champions of Industry Alumni Panel

Our recent Torrens University Virtual Industry Connection Fair united four of our incredible alumni, Melanie Tran, Nicola Miethke, Betsy Westcott and Caspar Schmidt, in conversation. What followed was an engaging discussion about how students can genuinely create impact and stay true to their values. The discussion also allowed us as an institution to reflect on our growing alumni community - who are making enormous contributions globally. 

The session connected four surprising alumni stories. Mel Tran is quickly becoming a global leader in UX design and social change. Betsy Westcott is a financial guru who is passionately improving the lives of others around the world, through her work as a financial wellness coach. Nicola, a strong ambassador for Torrens University programs, runs her own naturopathy practice and is committed to helping clients achieve holistic wellbeing. Caspar Schmidt, Managing Director of a boutique hotel management company, is known for his expertise in hotel branding and is a leader in the hospitality industry.

The themes that surfaced from their conversation were compelling.

Establish clear values and a sense of identity and stay true to that.

Melanie and Nicola emphasised the importance of establishing clear values and a sense of identity and staying true to that throughout your career.

Melanie is an advocate and professed disruptor. In her true courageous style she believes very much in the ‘Power of You’.

“Skills are something that can be taught, but who you are as an individual - what your values and your beliefs are - can only be distilled by yourself,” Melanie pointed out.

Nicola reflected on her time at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies (ACNT) and echoed Melanie’s sentiment.

“Having great mentors, great people around you to support you is instrumental to having the confidence to give real-life a crack,” she said.

“Being true to yourself and what your values are and how you want to go ahead, that’s when it starts to work beautifully.”

Embrace opportunity, take risks, take the leap of faith and chase your goals.

Betsy and Caspar encouraged our students to embrace opportunity, take risks, take the leap of faith and chase your goals. 

Betsy is well connected to Torrens University as Chair of our Blue Mountains International Management School Alumni Board and she urged students to think big. 

“Don’t be shy about sharing big ambitious goals,” she encouraged our graduands.

“You’re not limited by where you grew up or what your background is ... Don’t limit yourself.”

As an entrepreneur, Caspar is also an advocate of taking risks and having that confidence in your goals.

“I think sometimes you just have to go for it and say I’m going to put my hand up and go for it. I decided to take a leap of faith and started my own business,” he said.

The conversation was truly inspiring and passionate, leaving our students roused with an entrepreneurial spirit.

We are proud that our alumni are making an impact in the world and to celebrate we have put together highlights from our Champions of Industry

If you’re alumni and would like to be involved in future events or to share your story with us, contact us here.

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