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A design student's week

A Design Student’s Week

I am constantly being asked what my week is like for me as a design student at university, so here’s a little glimpse into my second week studying at Torrens.

For this trimester I am studying the following subjects, Contextual Studies, Photographic Studies & Digital Image and also Design Principles & Studio. I have a 3 hour lecture each morning and then time to study and complete assignments, whether summative or formative. We receive a formative assignment each day which is then due the following week, this helps us develop and learn new skills which we can then apply to our summative assignments. At the moment in Contextual Studies we are learning about the Industrial Revolution and seeing how different movements and moments in history have impacted the design industry. This week we were given the opportunity to walk around the city and take photographs and also visit the Art Gallery where we got to research the impact of the Arts and Craft Movement within Adelaide.

In Photographic Studies & Digital Image this week not only did we learn that throughout photography we are able to express and convey different emotions but we were also encourage to think about the authenticity behind a photograph. As an audience are we only seeing part of the story through a photograph or are we seeing it all? We also got the opportunity to head to the studio and play with different cameras, lens and also lighting trying to convey ideas and emotions.

Throughout Design Principles & Studio we started to learn about the history behind different typography and how to utilised it best within designs. We also learnt about the different elements and principles behind design and how every aspect is included within a good design.

All these subjects are the foundations and skills which need to be developed early on, to ensure our assignments and work are completed to the highest standard. I have found it really interesting learning about the history behind design and why designs appear the way they do.

See you next week!


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