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Torrens Open Day 2018

11 reasons to attend Torrens Open Day

Happy 2018!

We hope you had an amazing Christmas and a festive New Year. Did you set any big New Year resolutions?

If “figure out what to do with my life” was one of your resolutions then you’re in luck. We’re hosting an exciting and informative Open Day on Saturday, January 20th. You’ll get a chance to speak to our friendly course and career advisors who can help you come up with some ideas. You’ll also get to explore the campus, meet our students and get involved in some free workshops.

Torrens is the place to be if you’re not into the typical University scene (you know, the enormous ones where you are just a number, lost in a sea of people). Torrens prides itself on its small class sizes and our awesome community vibe. We believe in a more hands-on approach, we think you learn best when you actually do the work in real industry placements. Also, when you become a student with us, you will get one on one access to a Success Coach. Your Success Coach is kind of like a friend who is there to support you find out where your strengths are and how to build on that. I mean, why not capitalize on what we’re good at, right?

We can continue to talk about how great we are and why we know you’ll love it here, or… you could just come to Open Day and see for yourself. Here are the top 12 reasons on why you should stop by.

1. Get advice from Course and Career Advisors

Can’t decide which course is right for you? Still struggling to figure out what you want to be when you “grow up”? We get it, we’ve been there too. This is why we’ve got our Course and Career advisors onsite to give you one on one advice. They will listen to what you’re passionate about and provide suggestions on the course that’s right for you.

2. Get a free goody bag

Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by our warm and energetic staff who will give you a few gifts to take home with you. I mean, who doesn’t love free things?

3. Make your own spray painted tote bag

Our very own Billy Blue students and alumni will be guiding you on how to create your very own tote bag. Use spray paint and stencils and get artsy at Billy Blue College of Design, Sydney.

Torrens Open Day 2018

4. Patient simulation scenarios

Do you dream of a career as a nurse? Come by our Nursing Open Day to learn from our academics and students. You will get the chance to take part in real life scenarios with an advisor by using basic patient observation on mannequins.

5. Learn more about our courses and experience student life

Meet your future teachers and all ask all the questions you want, we are here to help you. You’ll also get the opportunity to chat with current students and get the real deal on university life.

Torrens Open Day 2018
6. Get a Dietary analysis

Are you a nutrition fanatic? We have a very special nutrition session where you will be taken step-by-step through a dietary analysis from our expert Nutritionist.

7.Go behind the scenes for a live photoshoot

Passionate about photography? Billy Blue College of Design in Sydney and Brisbane will take you behind the scenes of a photoshoot to show everything involved from execution to post-production.

8. Fancy entrée plating workshop at William Blue Dining

Get involved in a fancy entrée plating workshop at our award-winning William Blue Dining Restaurant at The Rocks in Sydney. The best part? You’ll also get to taste this deliciousness.

Torrens Open Day 2018

9. Get a taste of University life

Wander around the campus, meet your future teachers, chat with the students and explore the local area. This is your chance to discover all the cosy, study-friendly local coffee shops and funky pubs nearby.

10. Inspirational Industry and Alumni speakers

Our Alumni and Industry speakers will show you how they got where they are today.  Be prepared to be inspired (and take notes on their pro-tips!)

11. Participate in free workshops

Throughout the day there will be countless awesome workshops depending on which faculty you choose. Get involved in an activity that will you help you decide if it’s something you really what you want to do.

Torrens Open Day 2018

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