Now Reading: Meet the Director of Industry, Innovation and Employability for Business and Education

Catherine O'Sullivan - Director of Industry, Innovation and Employability for Business and Education

Meet the Director of Industry, Innovation and Employability for Business and Education

A good leader can make all the difference to your education. And, here at Torrens University Australia, we’re particularly proud of our fantastic and inspiring leadership team.

We’re confident that you’ll find our faculty inspiring and future-focused. Especially when you discover a bit more about what drives them, why they are passionate about their respective areas of expertise and how their industry experience lends itself to preparing students for a career.

This week in the hot seat, the Director of Industry, Innovation and Employability, Catherine O’Sullivan.


  • Harvard Women’s Leadership Board is a source of great pride for me. This is a group of 100 women globally who have been chosen to participate in this forum. I am excited about this opportunity because of the commitment to the women’s accessibility to leadership.
  • My Telstra Business Woman of the Year award was another career highlight. As a school principal this award validated this important community position in the press, plus it highlighted the importance of regional schools to our education system.
  • Having a Churchill Fellowship was another extraordinary experience where I had the opportunity to travel and learn about schools and learn from their successes and lessons.
  • However, perhaps my most special was my Citizen of the Year in Goondiwindi, this award was presented by my peers and community. I was honoured to represent the students and teachers of my school.


My best advice is to come in with an open mind about your studies and an understanding of all careers that involve Business or Education skills in some way or other. Many undergraduates need direction regarding Business, if you choose this course of study you will have a great foundation for all other careers. Completing a postgraduate degree will also help you climb the career ladder, especially important with Education, keeping up-to-date with special education policies.

To stay ahead of the trend, I am always curious and prepared to take risks. I am often asked if I am prepared to take a leap before I am ready, and my answer is always ABSOLUTELY! Another way to ensure you have a competitive advantage against your peers is to undertake additional study. I undertook my postgraduate studies because I am actively passionate and committed to life-long learning at a higher level.

I am enjoying the enthusiasm and optimism of Torrens University Australia. Working in the newest university in Australia is exciting. Our commitment to progressive contemporary learning is aligned to the job market. I love being part of an organisation which is thinking globally and internationally.


Outside out work I dedicate a great deal of time volunteering and working on Not-For-Profit Boards, for example, Bleach Arts and Orange Sky. This enables me to contribute to our community and pay it forward. I have been fortunate in my career and now is my time to share my skills with others. I feel responsible to help where I can.


  • Know yourself. Be yourself. Forget yourself.
  • To me this means to know who you are and what you stand for, in this way you can be yourself, be present and give your all. Then forget yourself means leave your ego behind.

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Torrens qualifications are respected throughout the industry through the strong reputations of Chifley Business SchoolAPM College of Business and Communication, the Real Madrid Graduate School, and more recently through an exclusive partnership with Education Change Makers and Country Education Partnership.

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