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Renato Novi Torrens University

Celebrating Renato Novi: Torrens graduate, DJ & Entrepreneur

Are you wondering what your life might look like after graduating from an MBA in Project Management?

We all enroll in study in the hope of pursuing our own unique dreams and career aspirations. Perhaps you’re considering an MBA in Project Management so you can work for an international corporation, or maybe you want to get a head start in a local not-for-profit. With this course, the possibilities are huge!

That idea of an education with endless possibilities was definitely appealing to Renato Novi, when she made the decision to enroll.

Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, she grew up in a loving family where she and her sister were always encouraged grow and try new things.

“My parents have always been fantastic and very close to both of us. They have always encouraged us to study and develop our skills (and of course, to be very ethical and honest people). With this, my sister and I became two very competent professionals, and coincidentally, both in the marketing area.” – Renato Novi

After graduating in Marketing from Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM), she worked across the marketing departments of some of the largest companies in Brazil, including Itaú Bank and Vivo Telecomunicações.

Even though she had ‘made it,’ she began to wonder what else might be out there for her, in her career, and in life.

“During these years of my experience with marketing I led several projects, therefore, improving myself in project management seemed to be an obvious path for my professional life.

I talked to some people and decided to come to Australia to specialise in Project Management. Torrens University, being a university of the Laureate group (present and recognised all over the world) seemed to be a good option, besides being affordable for me.”

When she arrived in Sydney to begin her studies, she found herself also pursuing another enduring passion as a part time job. She could never have imagined at the time, that the ‘double life’ she ended up leading would eventually become her career

“When I arrived in Sydney in 2016, I knew that due to my visa limitations and the need to optimise my time I needed to set up my own business. Working part-time, I would be able to do what I like and earn decent money.

Being a DJ is a passion I’ve carried since I was a child, and I have been doing it since I was 16 years old, playing at events in Brazil, Europe, USA and Australia.”

When Renato graduated from Torrens, she decided to bring her DJ experience and her project management skills together to start an incredible new venture!

“I’ve always enjoyed DJing and playing music at events. It’s great to see the reaction of people, keep them entertained and vibrating with the energy I’m giving them. I’m also very interested in marketing and business. Every day I’m learning something new related to marketing, be it Google SEO or niche segmentation, and I just love it!

I realised there was no better option than to unite the things I love to do. And so I launched a DJ hire company, NOVA DJs.”


Nova Djs has gone from strength to strength since it’s humble beginning. The company now stretches across two states, in Sydney and Adelaide, and Renato is hiring eight staff!

How did she manage to achieve this expansion in less than two years time?

“Of course, like all small businesses, it all started slowly. Initially, I was the only person in the company who divided my time between studies and being the DJ at the parties.

However, little by little, people got to know my work, and the demand increased naturally. Along this journey, I was meeting terrific DJs, who could deliver an excellent level of work, as well as mine, so I gradually added them to my business. We expanded month-by-month, event-by-event.

Today, NOVA DJs is one of the best-rated companies in the DJ Hire market for Weddings, corporate events and birthday parties in Sydney. In less than two years, we gained our space and respect in the industry.”

Nova Djs now brings fun and a bit of sparkle to weddings at venues all over these two capital cities. Sydney Town Hall, Taronga Centre, Dumbar House, boat parties all over the Harbour, New Years Eve parties: you name it, they’re playing there!

Despite the unusual union of these skill sets, Renato found her MBA of Project Management has been essential to the success of this unusual business venture.

“As we say in Project Management, ‘every project has its beginning, middle and end.’ That’s why I won’t call this business a project, but I will say that to make it grow, it took a lot of planning, risk, stakeholder management and a lot of work. I would say not only hard work, but in particular, smart work!

These are all fundamental principles of Project Management, which are necessary to ensure a successful project.

Definitely, both my passion for being a DJ, and my academic and professional experience with marketing, business and project management was absolutely decisive for the establishment of NOVA DJs, and it’s an incredible success.”

So, what’s in store for Renato’s future, and the future of Nova Djs? More expansion, of course! Nothing can stop her now.

“Melbourne will be the next market on the list, but as a competent professional of marketing, business and now Master in Project Management, I know that to make this launch in one more state, the planning has to be very well executed, so Melbourne will have to wait a little more for NOVA DJs to get there.”

Congratulations on all your hard work and success, Renato! We’re proud to call you a Torrens graduate.

See here for more information on the MBA of Global Project Management at Torrens Business.

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