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Dr. Nick Hadjinicolaou

Congratulations Dr. Nick Hadjinicolaou, our freshest PhD graduate and 4th academic who earned a doctorate at Torrens University.

His PhD thesis, titled “Supporting project success in Australia through project portfolio management”, looks at how success can be achieved when multiple key projects are being considered or juggled.

Dr. Hadjinicolaou was the 4th academic staff member to come aboard Torrens University and is an exemplary example of an academic who brings industry experience to his teaching and research.

While he has worked in the government and corporate sectors (e.g. with Telstra and IBM), Dr. Hadjinicolaou traces his experience and interest in projects to an early period when restaurants were part of his life.

Enjoy watching this wonderful celebration of Dr. Hadjinicolaou’s story and achievement.

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