Dr Fleur Fallon: The Importance of Making a Difference with Your MBA

Dr Fleur Fallon: The Importance of Making a Difference with Your MBA

Dr Fleur Fallon is a Senior Learning Facilitator in the MBA program, at the Sydney Campus of Torrens Business. She’s come on a long journey to get to this point, and it started with a very different upbringing to the city life she enjoys now.

Growing up on a sheep farm in Tasmania, the young Fleur Fallon learned from her hard-working parents to make the most of what you’ve got.

“My Dad left school at age fourteen, and my Mum could not continue her nursing career once she got married. That was the norm during World War Two. We were cash-poor: farmers do not get regular weekly or monthly pay packets.

What my parents gave me was a lot of love and a belief in my ability to achieve.

They also gave me a love of reading and learning, and let me stay home on those precious days when the mobile library trundled its way up the dusty road to our front gate. This opened the door to learning about other worlds and cultures, in a time before TV and the internet.” – Dr Fallon

For Dr Fallon, education has always meant so much more than getting a certificate. It’s about understanding the world.

When you’ve learned something useful, you can use your knowledge to contribute back to society – no matter what you do. From her rural Tasmanian beginnings, Dr Fallon went out seeking learning in unexpected places, several degrees, and a variety of rich life experiences.

“I dropped out of university during my undergraduate years, got married, and had a career in recruitment related fields. When my children were teenagers, I returned to university to complete an Honours degree in Philosophy-Peace Studies, and a PhD degree related to sustainable development, tourism and Indonesia. The PhD opened the door to international travel: conferences, research, teaching in China, Germany and for British universities in China, as well as in Australia.

Now I am once more living in Sydney, and very honoured to be teaching management and leadership to a richly diverse cohort of global citizens, who have high levels of mobility, and have enrolled in an MBA with Torrens.

We come together with special talents and knowledge, that enables a unique and rewarding experience, as we co-create our future together.”

Dr Fallon and Torrens Business staff work closely with students throughout the MBA journey, helping them develop into creative and effective global leaders.

The course content brings together the latest in systems thinking, digital analytics and other contemporary fields so that students are constantly challenged to think outside the box. A supportive, informal environment encourages collaboration and critical thinking.

You learn all the essential business skills you would expect to find in an MBA. But unlike other institutions, at Torrens, you also benefit from a community, global professional network, and training in the cutting-edge theories and essential soft skills that our economy needs to evolve.

We all look around and see things we’d like to improve, in business and in the world. But, you can’t make a positive change until you first learn how to design and manage it!

On January 19, Torrens Business is having an Open Day across all our campuses in Australia.

If you’re thinking of enrolling in an MBA, don’t miss it. This is your opportunity to speak with staff and current students about the courses on offer. You get to participate in activities, visit facilities, and listen to talks from a range of guest speakers.

“Come to Open Day where you can get a feel for what Torrens University Australia, as part of Laureate International Universities, stands for.

As a Benefit Corporation, we are here for good, here for the long term, and determined to make a positive difference in the communities where we operate.

We offer intensive workshop style classes and flexibility in time offerings, both face-to-face and on-line. Each class is offered in a three-hour block.

With a unique student support system, we welcome you to be part of the change, leading today for meaningful and sustainable futures.”

See here for further information about the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) at Torrens University. Find out here how to register and attend Open Day in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide or Melbourne.

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