Now Reading: Torrens free MBA Sports Management Masterclass is coming up on Nov 15: Melbourne

Do Business Like an Athlete: Torrens November MBA Masterclass with Daniel Evans

Torrens free MBA Sports Management Masterclass is coming up on Nov 15: Melbourne

Learn How to Excel Under Pressure Like an Athlete

What do football and business have in common, according to athlete-turned-CEO, Kelvin Templeton?

“Both need teamwork and collaboration for success.” 

No one knows better than a professional athlete how to push past your limits and succeed under huge amounts of pressure. But, not every athlete goes on to bring this skill set into the world of business.

This November, you will get the opportunity to meet two exceptional people who have done just that.

Announcing Dr. Daniel Evans and Kelvin Templeton as distinguished guest speakers for the upcoming Torrens MBA Sports Management Masterclass.

Doctor Daniel Evans, MBA, Ph.D., is a former professional athlete, with over 20 years experience in directorships, general management, and advisory and consultancy roles. Now a published author and creator of ‘The Corporate Athlete’ concept, his current role is GM at Templeton Galt. He also lectures at Ashridge Business School.

Kelvin Templeton, MBA, is a former elite sportsman, who has been decorated with a number of awards including the prestigious 1980 Brownlow Medal and multiple Coleman Medals. He is a member of the Western Bulldogs Team of the Century.

“I had the good fortune in my AFL career to work with Australia’s leading sports psychologist.

I learned a lot from him about mental preparation, the power of positive thinking, and strategies for dealing with difficult situations on the sports field, such as: carrying injuries, starting a game badly, or unforeseen setbacks.

These skills, I’ve found, have direct relevance for issues faced off the field.” – Kelvin Templeton

After retiring from football, Kelvin studied his MBA and began a career in sports business, leading him to become (among other roles) CEO of the Sydney Swans Football Club for 7 years.

Kelvin has now served for five years as Chairman of the Australian Business Group in Abu Dhabi. He also founded Management Consultancy, Templeton Galt, where he remains Managing Director.

“Working as CEO of the Swans was incredibly challenging at the start  (1995) because the Swans then were really struggling. It has been wonderful to see how the Swans have developed into such a consistent power club of the AFL. 

My current position, which is a corporate advisory role, is challenging for many reasons. We mostly work with technology and biotech companies looking to raise funds. With each client, there is a lot to learn.” 

Hosted by Associate Professor Dr. Justin Pierce, the ‘The Corporate Athlete’ Masterclass asks why some executives thrive under pressure, while others fail.

Based on research about the ‘mind, body, spirit’ connection published in the Harvard Review, the workshop seeks to examine the link between psychological and physical endurance, and how this is relevant to business management.

Dr. Evans and Kelvin Templeton will be sharing their incredible insights as two professional athletes who went on to have hugely successful careers in business later in life.

“Sports Management is a wonderful area to work. But you need solid business skills to do the job effectively. I found my MBA to be terrifically useful, both in terms of knowledge and confidence.” – Kelvin.

Attendees will have the exciting opportunity to learn the techniques used by athletes to work at their peak under all conditions, drawing from research in areas including neuroscience, emotional intelligence, core physiology, and motivation. You’ll then examine strategies for applying these skills in a business environment. Plus, you can undertake a free psychometric assessment as part of the workshop.

The workshop will end in a Q&A, where you have the rare opportunity to ask Daniel and Kelvin about their knowledge and experiences.

You can attend this incredible event for free!

Simply follow this link to register for the Masterclass. Or see here for more information about the MBA in Sports Management at Torrens University.

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