Now Reading: What You Can Learn from a Bachelor of Business Entrepreneurship (and a Trip Around Australia!)

What You Can Learn from a Bachelor of Business Entrepreneurship (and a Trip Around Australia!)

When Ludovica Sciaky came to Australia from her home in Milan, Italy, six years ago, she knew she was about to change her direction in life. She just didn’t know exactly where she would end up.

Since she was a child, her whole life had been tennis. At the young age of eleven, she played her first tournament. She would go on to become a professional player for her teenage years, until an unexpected challenge set her on a new path.

“I had been playing tournaments all over the world, when unfortunately I had an accident which made me stop my career. I turned twenty, and I felt I needed a change in my life, so I came to Australia. I wanted to learn English, to gain some new experiences and learn more about new cultures, and the best way to do it is to immerse yourself in it.”

Ludovica Sciaky (Bachelor of Business Entrepreneurship at Torrens, graduated 2019)

She spent two years travelling around Australia’s expansive landmass, working on farms and odd jobs while on the road. Her journey took her through remote towns and capital cities, from the tropical north to the dry interior.

“Consequently, I fell in love with this place: the people and the warm weather, so I decided to start my bachelor degree here. I believe that everything happens for a reason: I have found my way and my happiness in Australia.” – Ludovica

Every entrepreneur needs a sense of adventure, a global outlook, and a capacity to balance risks against potential returns.

The same adventurous and determined mindset that drove Ludovica to travel Australia, led her eventually to choose the Bachelor of Business in Entrepreneurship at Torrens.

I chose the BA of Entrepreneurship at Torrens because I grew up with an entrepreneurship mindset. I like the risks and challenges, and I am really focused and determined to run my own business. I have always been passionate about business, due to the fact that both my parents are entrepreneurs.

Challenging myself in a new country made me grow a lot as a person.

I learned from different cultures, created my own international network, gained additional skills and it made me more competitive in the job market. Besides, I was able to make friends from all over the world, and change the way I think and see the world: from a longer-term, worldwide perspective.”


Meet Margaret Aspin. She is an entrepreneurship consultant, who has been working as facilitator, subject coordinator and writer for the new Bachelor of Business Entrepreneurship at Torrens.

As well as being herself a serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses in Melbourne and Brisbane, she also facilitates government entrepreneurial and innovation programs, collaborating across the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Australia.

Margaret was also one of Ludovica’s teachers, until Ludovica graduated at the end of 2019.

“Ludovica is a highly talented young woman with the focus and drive to achieve anything she puts her mind to. With her knew knowledge of entrepreneurship, she will not only make a success of the ventures she has focussed on while at Torrens, but will look to innovate in other ways in her chosen field of hospitality.”

Margaret Aspin (Torrens BA of Business Entrepreneurship Writer, Facilitator)

In the 21st century, where change is constant and evolution moves quickly, entrepreneurship is key to the success of any organisation.

As an entrepreneur herself, Margaret knows the economy building and innovation value of entrepreneurs in society. She’s also a passionate advocate for entrepreneurs bringing new ideas to within larger organisations, as well as starting their own ventures.

“Entrepreneurship is a skill of the future, and many industries need knowledgeable and skilled entrepreneurs in all parts of the globe. Entrepreneurs found ventures, but even when working in corporates and government use their entrepreneurial skills as ‘intrapreneurs’.  


Entrepreneurs are economy builders… They are also the big thinkers who make the changes we need. They are smart and agile and take the risks to respond to social and environmental needs. Great entrepreneurs are respected trail blazers, and go where others want to follow.”

When Margaret and other Torrens staff designed the new Bachelor of Business Entrepreneurship, they had a specific vision in mind. They wanted to equip students with the skills they would need to start their own ventures, or to bring change to existing organisations as ‘intrapreneurs’.

Their dream was to create a new generation of change-makers.

“Students learn to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, which includes drive, dealing with success and failure, and becoming risk tolerant and resilient. 

Along with these important characteristics, entrepreneurs need to learn how to think creatively and innovatively, work to their strengths, surround themselves with the right team, network effectively, and negotiate with (and pitch to) stakeholders and investors.” – Margaret

They had to design a course that would help students develop their emotional resilience, confidence and creative capacity, as well as practical skills and theoretical understanding.

Some of the special units (not included in a regular Bachelor of Business) that aspiring entrepreneurs will study include:

  • Venture Ideation
  • Marketing for Entrepreneurs
  • Sales and Negotiation Strategies
  • Entrepreneurial Financing
  • Lean Business Startup

Each third-year student will complete a minimum of 400 hours in an organised Business Industry Placement, as well as an Entrepreneurship Consulting Project, ensuring they have ample opportunity to practise their skills in the real world before they graduate.

The Torrens program applies knowledge to real world ventures, and students work on their own venture ideas. By completing our Bachelor of Business Entrepreneurship, students are ready to start, run and grow profitable ventures, or contribute to substantial business growth and direction as intrapreneurs in organisations.” – Margaret

As one of the course’s first ever graduates, Ludovica is one of the best qualified people to comment on whether Margaret managed to achieve her goals, and design an effective course for teaching budding entrepreneurs how to make change in the world.

Here’s what Ludovica has to say, about what she learned from her degree, and from Margaret directly:

“The course content has been very relevant to real world application. It integrates the fundamentals of business knowledge, business skills and management capabilities.

I learned a lot about the importance of infrastructure, the necessity of identifying and understanding my audience, the key role a team plays in the wellbeing of a company and how to ensure sustainability (economically, socially, culturally and environmentally) and so on.

Moreover, with Torrens I had the pleasure to attend business event where I have been introduced to business leaders and innovators who continued to add value to what I was studying, and encouraged me to go further.

The teachers are all from within the industry, with a passion for their jobs, especially Margaret Aspirin, my best teacher – she is a passionate serial entrepreneur to admire and take an example from, she made me passionate about business even more!” – Ludovica

Having just graduated, Ludovica has already begun an internship as a Business Developer in an e-commerce startup, and she’s thrilled with her new position.

“I could not be happier to start practicing the knowledge and skills I have gained so far in a real world job. I’m learning and growing by working with different entrepreneurs in the industry.” – Ludovica

Ludovica has come a long way both across the globe and in her life journey, since her early career as a professional tennis player in Italy.

So, what’s next for Ludovica in her journey, and what are her dreams for the future?

Being an entrepreneur and growing from strength to strength shouldn’t be a solo road, especially not in Australia where there are so many helpful people, programs, and government or investor interest.

Studying the Bachelor of Business Entrepreneurship at Torrens University helped me to make effective yet efficient decisions for my business future and gain the knowledge I needed. However, I still have lots to learn.

I am passionate about sports, hospitality and tourism and I am interested in bringing my diverse background to new ventures, and building my own business.

My dream is to become successful with my business in today’s competitive global economy, and share my passion with a wide range of people. Hopefully, I will be able to do it in this magnificent country.” – Ludovica

Find our more here about the Bachelor of Business Entrepreneurship at Torrens.

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