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What’s it Like to Work in Event Management?

A degree is a big investment of time and money, so if you’re considering studying, you will naturally want to know that you’re going to get a job at the end of it. When it comes to event management, the industry statistics are on your side: indicating a growing field (at an annual rate of 4.6%), with plenty of job opportunities ahead.

But, industry growth aside, what will your career actually look like?

Is your fantasy of being logistical top dog, coordinating festivals or planning conferences, going to become reality? Is working life after graduation as fun and challenging as you hope it will be?

Of course, the best person to answer those questions is someone who has recently graduated from an Event Management course and jumped straight into the workforce.

Meet Bachelor of Business (Event Management) graduate Chloe Vanderwal.

Chloe studied a Torrens from January 2017 to May 2019. She grew up in western Sydney and is proud to call that part of the world home.

“I have always loved planning and organising, and am a very ‘by the book’ kind of person. I have lived in the western suburbs of Sydney my whole life and would never want to live anywhere else.” – Chloe 

Ever since she was young, Chloe always knew she wanted to make event management her career. More specifically, she loved the romance and joy of being involved in weddings. She decided she would study a degree in Event Management in order to kick-start her career as a wedding planner.

“I am so passionate about seeing the most picture-perfect milestone events in somebody’s life take place and seeing the happiness it brings the people I create events for. There’s nothing better than making somebody else happy, and that’s what I get to do every day. 

I knew I loved weddings as early as high school. I wanted to be a wedding planner for years, and I thought this course was going to help me get there.” 

Chloe is a very motivated student. She was determined to get her education quickly and get out into the workforce. She accelerated her degree from 3 years full time, down to two years and one trimester.

Because Torrens offers flexible, online study options, she was able to study the final trimester online, to keep herself open to any job opportunities that might come her way. As it turns out that was a great idea because she was offered a job in the industry before the end of her final trimester.

“I had it a little easier than others may find it when getting a job. Due to all of my previous experience (volunteer work, internships, and casual positions), I started a full-time role, three weeks before my last trimester finished.”

Chloe studied in order to become a wedding planner. Little did she know that the first job she would jump into after her studies wouldn’t be wedding planning… but it also wouldn’t be far off. She now works for My Proposal Co: a company that plans luxury marriage proposals across the globe!

“I am the lead event coordinator, organising the ‘behind the scenes’ of the proposals.  More specially, this involves liaising and creating connections with our suppliers, writing all run sheets and budgets, creating invoices and everything else in between. I also work on the social media, managing all posts and videos.”

Chloe has spent years training and studying for her current position. Now that she’s finally there, is it what she expected?

What is the best and most challenging part about working in luxury marriage proposals?

“This job wasn’t even something I thought existed until I found it, so the job itself is even better than expected! All my uni work really equipped me with the right tools and expectations for event coordination, so that has helped me with learning the job.

I love that it is a small business, so I don’t just learn how to be an event coordinator. I also learn how the business is run and how everything works together to make a whole operation successful.

In a way, this same thing is what I also find the most challenging, because I didn’t study how to run a whole business. But, it has also been very rewarding, with all the additional learning I’ve been able to get on the job!” 

Chloe has stepped right into an expected job that may not be wedding planning, but which she loves, straight out of uni. What’s next for her?

“To be honest, I really thought I wanted to be a wedding planner until I had started in this position. I would be very happy to continue working as a proposal planner until I become a mummy one day!”

Any advice for students who want to work in event management one day?

“DO IT! This job is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. It can be one of the most stressful but definitely worth every bit of worry for the incredible end result!” 

If you want to follow Chloe’s example and springboard into your event management career via a course, you might want to check out some of the options at Torrens.

You can choose from a range of different flexible and online options. If you want to accelerate your course like Chloe did so you can jump into your career even quicker, we can arrange that for you, too!

See here for more information about the Bachelor of Business (Event Management), or here for more information about the Diploma of Event Management.

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