Now Reading: Why Every Business Student Needs a Success Coach: Daniel and Paul’s Story

Why Every Business Student Needs a Success Coach: Daniel and Paul’s Story

Daniel Morris grew up in Oatley, a leafy suburb nestled on the banks of the beautiful St Georges river in Sydney’s south, with his parents and his older sister. Since he was a kid, he’s played in a range of different sports teams, and is still devoted to everything sports to this day.

But, that’s not all that Daniel cares about right now: he’s also passionate about mental health, and running events!

I love sport, been involved in a sporting team since I was four, but I’m also currently passionate about mental fitness and trying to advocate for men especially, to have those conversations, and check up on their mates and colleagues. I wear an ‘R U OK’ wristband each day to make sure people know that I’m always here if they need assistance.

That’s why I’m passionate about events, because no matter what situation you are currently in, it brings people together for one common purpose and you focus on the event rather than whatever challenges people may have in their lives.” – Daniel

Since he was a teenager, he’s always enjoyed running events, and sports events in particular. When faced with the choice of what to study, Daniel decided to make his passion and his hobby, into his career.

Now he’s studying a Bachelor of Business (Event Management) at Torrens University in Sydney, with the aim of becoming a sporting events management pro.

I chose to do event management because I love to organise events. I love to create memorable experiences that people cherish. I’m especially passionate about sports events, because it brings people together, and everyone has their eyes locked onto the best sports professionals in the country and the world.

My dream job is to be an operations manager within Formula 1. Travelling the world, watching some fantastic racecar drivers, and being able to be a part of the ‘travelling circus’ that is Formula 1. However, anywhere within sport events would make me one happy boy!” – Daniel

Helping Daniel to realise that dream, is where Paul Pallesen comes in.

Paul has been working as a success coach at Torrens University for almost two years now. Coming from a background in business, he acts as an important bridge between university and the broader world that students will face, on graduation.

It’s Paul’s job to work with students like Daniel over the course of their degree, to keep them focused, and make sure they’ve got the best chance of getting where they want to be.

Imagine having someone who knows your course, knows a lot about the industry you’re entering into, someone who can help motivate, provide you with support and guide you along the way, and in some cases get to know you quite well.

This is all part of my role, and the best way I’ve found to help you is if we’ve got an open line of communication and touch base regularly.” – Paul

At the end of his first trimester at Torrens University, Daniel set up a meeting with Paul. At the time, he had no idea how much of a support Paul would become, in his career, and his university life.

Paul, my success coach, has been a huge supporter and a mentor to me since my first day at university. I didn’t really understand what a ‘success coach’ could offer me in the beginning, however my opinion very quickly changed.” – Daniel

A success coach is there to help students in a whole range of different ways that are incredibly valuable.

Firstly, there’s the practical help. Success coaches help you identify your strengths, select your subjects and focus your studies, develop practical tools such as a resume or cover letter, find an internship, prep for an interview, and work with you to develop goals and planning strategies.

When I first met Paul, we discussed what my goals were and what I want to achieve within my course. We sat down and worked through my ‘Gallup Strengths’, and set up some trimester and end-of-year goals.

Ever since then, I regularly talk with Paul during the week and ask him questions about job opportunities, and generally discuss how I’m doing with my studies. Throughout the time at university, Paul has constantly helped me with everything, including my internship process and made that transition as seamless as possible.” – Daniel

Practical help is super amazing to have, but there’s another kind of help that’s just as important.

When you have a success coach, you have extra emotional support and someone keeping an eye on you to make sure you’re ok. Your success coach is there to help you through the hard times, be your champion, and listen to you if you’re not coping.

As Daniel well knows, having support and someone to discuss how you’re feeling with is essential to good mental health.

Paul has always been very open to chat about anything or just listen to whatever I have to say. Paul has been able to help me with questions from a business point of view, studying or even just listening when I’m a little stressed with whatever is happening. He has always been able to put a smile on my face and help me to feel good about any situation that presents itself.” – Daniel

Paul, like Daniel, understands the importance of keeping in touch with someone who is reaching out to you, and to open up about your experiences.

He suggests that all students should consider taking advantage of any kind of mentoring or success coach program, their university might offer.

By getting to know your Success Coach, you’re less likely to feel alone on campus. I know it can be scary to come to University when you don’t know anyone, and you have to make new friends. I remember when I first started University, moving from Norway as an international student, not knowing anyone in my class or at my University.

It was scary, and I personally felt alone in the beginning, and wish I had a Success Coach back then I could have reached out to, even to just have one person to connect with until I made more friends.

You don’t have to book in a time to speak with your success coach every week, but touch base with us from time to time.

We want to get to know you, help you when you need assistance, and celebrate with you in your successes. You don’t need to wait until you have a problem before reaching out. We can often avoid problems entirely when we’re in regular communication with each other.” – Paul


Having Paul in his life at university has helped Daniel get a little closer to his dream of working for Formula 1. But, he’s also been a friend.

Paul has always been very open to chat about anything or just listen to whatever I have to say. He’s been able to help me with questions from a business point of view, or even just listening when I’m a little stressed with whatever is happening. He has always been able to put a smile on my face and feel good about any situation that presents itself.” Daniel

Daniel doesn’t have much longer until he’s completed his degree, and then he’ll be out there making his way in his profession. Having Paul to guide him means he feels more prepared and ready to go, and he’s got an internship to start with!

His experience of having a success coach has been so positive, that he urges other students to follow his example.

I believe that if you are to get the full experience and have the best chance of being employable once leaving university, you must visit your success coach.

Paul is my sounding board. For any idea or question, he is normally the first person I ever go to. This is something that has comforted me because no matter what, I have an amazing support to always go to. Paul has been a major part of why I love this university. 

At the end of the day, you have a personal success coach offered to you, from the time you start you studies to the time you finish, so why not use these amazing staff members?” – Daniel

See here for more information about the Success Coach program at Torrens, and here for information on business courses.

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