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Why is Torrens University a first choice for students?

University is a rite of passage for many young people, and choosing the right university is a crucial step in a student’s career path. That’s why, at Torrens University Australia, we pride ourselves on bringing an innovative, disruptive and international approach to higher education.

We are part of Laureate International Universities, a global network consisting of nearly 60 institutions in more than 20 countries around the world. With more than one million students worldwide, our educational experience is recognised as second to none.

Here are six reasons students are choosing Torrens University Australia as their first choice.

1. Diverse courses

At Torrens University Australia, students can choose from a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in TechnologyBusiness, Education, Hospitality, Design, Health, Project Management, Sports Management and English , with options to study online, on-campus or partake in a hybrid of both.

2. Unbeatable locations

Our Campuses can be found in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane, and are led by a team of research and career-oriented academic staff who work with our global industry partners to help students bridge the gap between study and work.

3. Small class sizes

At Torrens University Australia we have removed the traditional lecture theatre in favour of smaller classes and personalised learning environments for our students. With no more than 25 students per class, students can benefit from one-on-one interactions, whether they study online or on-campus. Our classes are run by industry-experienced lecturers and learning facilitators who promote collaboration and engagement.
Torrens Uni and Billy Blue College of Design

4. Flexible learning anytime, anywhere

The university has established a dynamic online learning model that allows students to achieve success in their own time. This provides on-demand access to course material and content, so students can study where and when is convenient for them. At some of our campuses, students can also partake in hybrid courses that offer a combination of online and face-to-face learning.

5. Industry placements for all programs

Students at Torrens University Australia have access to industry placements with some of the leading organisations in the country and around the world. Hands-on experience is incorporated into every course, so our students can gain confidence and increase their employability.

6. We’re dedicated to your success

Throughout the duration of their course, students have access to ongoing support, advice, and encouragement through the Torrens University Success Coaching program. Our success coaches are highly-skilled leaders, who help to nurture and develop students to get the most out of their education and work toward their career goals.

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