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Students Tell Why You Don’t Want to Miss Torrens Business Open Day

Why you don’t want to miss a Business Open Day

“Every Open Day we try to change it up and keep it interesting, but on all Open Days we have a panel, seminars, tours around the campus, lunch and a fun photo booth area.”

Rosemary (Student Ambassador)

On the 17th of August, Torrens Business campuses around Australia are opening up to the public.

There will be guest speakers, workshops, and fun activities, plus you have the chance to chat to lecturers about the courses that you may be considering enrolling in. You’ll also get the chance to meet existing students, who can share their insights with you on what it’s like to study at Torrens Business.

Two of those students will be Rosemary and Daniel. They’re both studying a Bachelor of Bachelor of Business (Event Management), and are Student Ambassadors at the Rocks Campus, in Sydney. Both chose to study Event Management because they love what’s involved in every aspect of events.

“I love to host and organise events, it has been a passion of mine since I was around the age of ten.” – Rosemary

“It is really rewarding to see your event concept on a sheet a paper being transferred into a real life event, with thousands of people attending.” – Daniel

As Student Ambassadors, Rosemary and Daniel play an important role in helping to organise and run Open Day, as well as many other events during the year.

Studying Event Management, Rosemary and Daniel learn a lot about how to plan and manage epic events like Open Day. They’re taught everything from marketing fundamentals to understanding people and organisations.

As Rosemary and Daniel have discovered, however, one of the best ways to learn is by doing.

“Torrens Event Management and Marketing courses are excellent at bringing a practical element into the classroom, by applying real-world examples to the theory learnt.

As the lecturers all worked in the industry before teaching, they offer insights that regular lecturers and university don’t, and bring valuable connections with them.” – Natasha McCabe (Marketing Department, Torrens Business)

By running events such as Open Day, Rosemary and Daniel have the chance to get some hands-on practical experience.

“Being a student ambassador gives you the opportunity to work at careers expos or open days, mingle at networking events, being involved in the Student Representative Council (SRC) and creating content.” – Daniel

“On Open Day we help by registering potential students to the event, giving tours around the campus, and taking them to seminars where lecturers and graduated students talk about courses and what they loved about them.” – Rosemary

Why is it so important to attend open day?

The upcoming open day is going to be a huge affair. It’s one of the rare occasions when staff, students and the public can all get together, celebrate our achievements, and discuss what Torrens is all about. If you’re considering studying anything business related, from an MBA to Diploma of Marketing, you shouldn’t miss out.

“My advice for students who are thinking of enrolling into Torrens University is to come to Open Day and receive as much information as you can. We have panels where student ambassadors, graduated students and lecturers answer your questions, which allows you to gain insight into the University

Even if it is a simple question, ask. We will answer all your questions, even if you ask twice, as we’re here to help you make your big decision on which future university to attend.” – Rosemary

Find out here how to register and attend Open Day in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide or Melbourne.

See here for more information on the Bachelor of Business (Event Management), or here for information on the Torrens Diploma of Event Management.

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