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Why I Switched to Torrens

So, you’re enrolled at another university and the experience is… not quite living up to expectation.

Maybe you’re finding the class sizes are too big and impersonal, maybe you’re worried about getting lost in the system, maybe it’s just not the course you thought it would be. And it might have you thinking of giving study away altogether.

Ditch the crowds and sign up for a course at Billy Blue where you’ll be more than a number – you’ll matter.

Learn in smaller class sizes

Interior Design student Ashlee Keane worked hard in high school to achieve a high ATAR that would get her into one of the best universities in Western Australia studying Architecture.

“It wasn’t really all that I had hoped for when I started, the lectures had hundreds of students and lecturers didn’t really care about individual students. I couldn’t imagine doing this for the next 5 years! I decided to move to Brisbane attend Billy Blue and pursue an Interior Design degree.

I choose Billy Blue because I could potentially finish my 3-year degree in 2 years, which I am on track to do since the course is structured into trimester; I hated the long breaks between semesters, it felt like wasted time. There is so much real-life experience at Billy Blue and the lecturers really care about their students, since the classes are small you get a much better learning environment.

This year I will be going to Morocco with Billy Blue to work on a live brief. It’s such an amazing opportunity to travel and learn and pass a unit while I’m there!”

After studying at an institution in Indonesia, Bachelor of Interior Design graduate Fenesha Teja was drawn to Billy Blue for the boutique nature of the campus and classes.

“I was once an introverted person who I struggled in having conversations with everyone in the class.

Billy Blue is a small campus, and they offer small classes as well which means there is a higher chance for students to participate in activities and contribute to discussions, and lecturers are better able to get to know their students.

I learned how to interact with new people, cope with new problems, and more importantly, I learned to gain confidence in my abilities.”

Meet lecturers who really care

For Branded Fashion student Juliet Ward, swapping to Billy Blue from one of Brisbane’s biggest universities was all about having direct access to teaching staff.

 “A friend of mine had enrolled at Billy Blue and seeing the work he completed after the first trimester and his close relationships with tutors lead me to change universities and attend Billy Blue. Whilst at Billy Blue, I really enjoyed the in-depth tuition of each course. This helped when deciding on which specific industry area to focus my career.

The tutors went beyond what I expected and encouraged me to push myself to create work I never thought I could achieve. I became quite interested in textile design after enjoying the print design subject I was lucky enough to gain an internship with Longina Phillips Designs in Sydney, for my work experience subject.

Halfway through my internship, I was offered a full-time position and therefore, had to complete my final subject long-distance. The contacts gained from Billy Blue made it possible to get the job I wanted straight out of uni. My textile designs are now sold worldwide and I have been able to see my designs on products sold in-store.”

Courses offer ultimate flexibility 

Hind Abdullah completed a Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration from Billy Blue online.

“I had a bad experience with a different institute where my money was lost and my time was wasted so I wasn’t quite sure whether to enrol in (another) online course. I immediately found out that Billy Blue was different once the live session started and I realised how much preparation was done, how the lecture was structured and timed.

Everyone was so collaborative, we were able to share screens and show concept boards and even draw on the live session board, it was really engaging. My work was presented at an industry showcase where I got to meet a lot of people and now I’m working as a design services consultant at the Living Edge.”

Lifelong learning

Billy Blue graduate Steven Elachi works as a Senior Graphic Designer for a multi-national insurer – and he’s back at Billy Blue in 2019 to futureproof his career.

“I originally chose Billy Blue because I had long heard of its reputation for training great designers. The university I was attending at the time had lost its licence for the Masters program and they recommended I attend BB. After attending an open day, it was a no-brainer. The environment, quality of teachers and projects on display were nothing short of impressive. BB taught me to by well-versed in a variety of knowledge beyond design.

I am currently enrolled in the UX and Web Design course looking to broaden my knowledge and express my design experience and knowledge in other fields of study.”

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