Digital economy strategy update

Recently, the Federal Government announced its Digital Economy Strategy – and it’s good news. As we’ve always known here at Torrens University Australia, investing in our country’s future means investing in you.

The Government obviously agrees. That’s why they’ll be pouring almost $1.2 billion into their strategy, which aims to support digital skills, AI capabilities, cybersecurity enhancements and much more in order to emerge a leading digital economy by 2030.

The best part for Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts, Gamers and Digital Transformation gurus?

The Government’s so committed to building Australia’s capability in AI, they’ll be handing out $124.1 million in initiatives.

You can also expect a National Artificial Intelligence Centre led by CSIRO Data 61, supported by a network of AI and Digital Capability Centres, which will drive adoption of AI across the economy.

As well as investment incentives to support business growth, the Government will be introducing a Digital Games Tax Offset of 30%. This then gives Australia a greater share of the $250 billion global game development market. Plus, there’ll be changes to the way local businesses can claim depreciation of intangible assets such as intellectual property and in-house software.

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