Now Reading: 5 Reasons Why a Master of Education Could be a Great Choice

5 Reasons Why a Master’s of Education Could be a Great Choice from a Torrens Career Advisor

5 Reasons Why a Master of Education Could be a Great Choice

Deciding to study a Masters can be one of the biggest choices of your career. It’s important to get it right. Fortunately, you don’t have to make that decision alone.

Shirl Kean is a Course and Careers Advisor at Torrens Education. She helps people choose the course that’s right for their career every day.

“My role as a course and careers advisor allows me to speak with inspirational people about their future study and career aspirations. I offer guidance and advice to ensure students are enrolled in the right courses that are best suited for their career. I also get to work with a team of creative and talented people, and that just makes my day all the more enjoyable.” – Shirl

We asked Shirl to share with us her five most important tips for students who are considering a Master’s in Education. Here’s why she thinks further education could be a good decision for you.

1. Teaching as a discipline is always changing, and educators need to keep up

The education world is changing all the time, and new challenges are always being presented. By studying an education course you can meet new challenges in society with the latest knowledge and techniques.

For example, Torrens students are offered a new learning technique called the ‘Person First Approach,’ which is a tool that goes beyond the standard classroom practice. This new tool educates students more in personal qualities of empathy and patience, and teaches you how to respond to learning differences from the point of view of the person with the condition.

2. Advance your career immediately with industry-relevant course content

Studying a postgraduate course can allow educators to advance their careers immediately, as the course is industry-relevant. Torrens Education courses, for example, focus on a range of important contemporary strategies that are relevant for educators right now. Projects can be integrated with your work, so you can implement your new skills and tools in the classroom immediately.

3. Learn how to teach kids with autism and other learning differences

As more research on Autism becomes available, it is becoming better recognised and understood within the classroom, workplace, care units and in our community. Nevertheless, many teachers didn’t learn how to develop teaching strategies for kids with autism and other learning differences in their undergraduate courses. I think for this reason the Graduate Certificate of Education (Autism) and the Master’s of Education (Special Education) are courses that have become very popular.

5 Reasons Why a Master’s of Education Could be a Great Choice from a Torrens Career Advisor

4. You may discover an interest in a new field that you didn’t consider before

There are lots of opportunities for educators to specialise in specific areas or skill sets, through postgraduate studies. You may discover a passion you didn’t know you had, and this could take you in a whole new direction.

The new suite of education courses that are offered at Torrens University focuses on hot topics within the education sector and the wider community, such as Autism, Mental Health, Innovation and Change, Reading and Literacy, Learning Differences and Special Education.

5. You can actually study, work, and have a life

Our education courses are innovative and adaptable, allowing students to work full time and study online. The additional support of success coaches is new and this assists students to keep focused on the end result.

If there is one thing I would recommend to a new student commencing study with Torrens University, it is to have work-life balance, and not to over-commit to your study. Don’t take on too many subjects to commence with. If it means studying for a slightly longer period than planned, so be it, as you will be setting yourself up for success.


See here for more information about the range of Masters of Education courses on offer at Torrens.

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