Now Reading: Support Diversity and Innovation In Your Classroom: A sneak peek from our Alumni Danny Hui

Support Diversity and Innovation In Your Classroom: A sneak peek from our Alumni Danny Hui

Support Diversity and Innovation In Your Classroom: A sneak peek from our Alumni Danny Hui

“I think it’s important to start from a place where you think about what is possible, rather than thinking about limitations.” – Danny Hui

Introducing Danny Hui: app developer, father of three, and passionate advocate for inclusion. Danny lives in Sydney with his family. Coming from an Engineering background, he’s had a diverse career, before becoming interested in inclusion in the education system.

 Support Diversity and Innovation In Your Classroom: A sneak peek from our Alumni Danny Hui

“Prior to starting Sameview, I was an executive working in utilities, specialising in areas like emergency and disaster management, and safety. I studied engineering at university and then completed an MBA through the Chifley Business School (which is part of Torrens University).”

With a background more focused on business than education, you may be wondering why Danny turned his expertise towards kids with special needs.

After the birth of his son, Monty, all his priorities in life suddenly changed. He and his wife were confronted with challenges that they didn’t even know existed before.

“My youngest child, Monty, has a disability. It’s through our experience as parents that we wanted to create a solution for one of the most challenging aspects of being a carer.

The problem we are trying to solve is disability care coordination. All families like ours would have a large group of people involved in their life: doctors, allied health professionals, support workers, family, friends, and importantly – educators.

The issue is that there is a lack of communication and collaboration between these parties, the result being additional stress and workload on the parents just to get everyone onto the same page.”

Innovation often occurs when you take skills from one area and use them to solve problems in an unlikely field.

Danny’s experience in disaster management and engineering meant he was in a perfect position to design a solution to this problem. He could look at the issue from multiple perspectives, and take a systems approach.

“For us, getting Monty ready for mainstream public education has been a big part of our lives in recent years. Also, I often get feedback from families like mine. Inclusive education, and making the school a part of the overall team; these are common issues raised.

That’s why we created Sameview. Sameview is an online platform that simply allows families to have everybody on the same page, communicating with each other, and most importantly collaborating for effective outcomes. We also work hard to be good advocates for other families in receiving an inclusive education.”

Danny is a strong advocate for all children having access to the same level of education.

For him, this core value needs to be understood within schools if innovation is to follow, and educators necessarily play a key role in this process.

“Very simply, inclusion means that my child gets to have the same educational experience as everyone else. For that to work, you need barriers to be overcome, so the child can participate.

Overcoming these barriers is fully within the domain of school administrators and teachers. It is about will, and their capacity to problem-solve and be innovative. They hold the only keys to making this possible.”

You can follow Danny family’s experience of getting Monty through school, at their blog, School for Monty.


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