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United Nations General Assembly International Day of Education

I am very inspired to write this first message to you since commencing my role as Vice-Chancellor to celebrate the United Nations General Assembly International Day of Education today, January 24, 2020.

There are wonderful opportunities and so much potential to impact lives, partnerships and societies in our work. I am excited to be here.

Together today, we celebrate the many ways education can empower all people, communities and countries, especially the vulnerable. It provides many opportunities to collaborate beyond walls and borders, ultimately benefiting people, improving economies and societies. This includes ensuring we live in environmentally sustainable societies.

So, at Torrens University, Think Education and Media Design School, we stand with the UN to acknowledge the undeniable potency of education. Importantly, we believe strongly that access to education is a fundamental human right that should be available to all.

Our pioneering work with the Impact21 pilot in Melbourne continues this year, with its full-scale initiative launching next month, and addresses the learning and employability needs of people living with Down syndrome and intellectual disabilities.

This is just one example of how we will continue to connect our students to employers who are committed to workplace diversity and inclusion.

One of our freshest graduating PHd students and academic staff member, Dr. Nick Hadjinicolaou, recently shared his incredible journey which led him to Torrens University. It showed how success is not always dependent on conventional pathways of education. Today, Nick is a ‘prackademic’ who loves teaching and has strong links to industry.

Luiz Bispo, an international student from Brazil, studying a Masters of Business Administration at Torrens University in Sydney recently shared his story of growing up as an adopted child in São Paulo, witnessing poverty and environmental degradation. He now advocates on environment and climate change issues across continents and at the UN – simply inspiring.

Learning of these stories strengthens my desire to meet many of you this year, first at One Torrens Summit and then across my campus visits and interactions. Let’s discuss your plans, your projects and how we can help you work towards the inclusive initiatives of the United Nations.

Know that your work is important, your study is important and together we are changing the face of education.

Best regards

Professor Alywn Louw


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