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How do you know if a Uni is right for you?

By now you’ve seen and experienced the excitement of our Open Day and now comes #decisiontime.

If you are lost in a wave of serious indecisiveness, here are just a few ways you know a university is right for you.

You like the university culture

Does being at the school feel right? If you went to an Open Day you no doubt have a pretty good sense of how it feels to be a part of a university. At Torrens, we’re all about that community-vibe. We love it when students feel like they are an active part of the learning experience, not just a passive audience.

Job prospects are strong

Obviously, you’re going to uni because you want the skills to land a job you love. We support you 100% on this and we want you to succeed just as much as your Aunt Mary does. This is why we’ve enrolled some seriously awesome Success Coaches whose job is to basically help you, well, succeed. Not only this but most of the projects you will be working on are for real clients. You will actively integrate theory and hands-on work. We have a lot of industry connections and we believe strongly in industry placements. While we can never guarantee anything, getting your foot in the door usually is a gamechanger.

Billy Blue College of Design

The university has networks

You know what’s cool? Networks. In fact, good networks are key to some awesome opportunities. Not to blow our own horn or anything but we happen to be apart of Laureate University (*ahem* the biggest university network in the world *ahem*) and we’ve also got some pretty awesome partnerships with various industries and schools. The other thing that many people don’t know is that we also have many other schools like for example Billy Blue College of Design, William Blue College of Hospitality, Media Design School Australia, Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, just to name a few.

There are fun things to do

Clearly, this is not going to be at the top of your list (or maybe it is). But fun is obviously an important part of life and should be a part of your university experience! We like making learning dynamic and interactive and because of our small community classes, you will certainly be making best friends and memories that last forever. We also have an awesome team of student representative council members who know what it’s like to start uni and want you to have fun and feel like you belong.

The Blue Mountains International Hotel Management

It’s in a good location

Depending on where you live, or where you want to live, the location of the school is pretty important. Luckily, we’re spread across Australia and our campuses are in some of the best areas of the city. Imagine pulling out your textbook in front of the Opera House, or sitting down in a bustling hipster cafe on Flinders Street. Whatever your city, we have a campus there.

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