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3 Reasons Why You Deserve an Education Scholarship!

Teachers work hard. Each day brings a variety of challenges, from developing lesson plans to managing the wellbeing of your students. Everything you do has an impact on someone else’s life.

You deserve a bit of help!

Did you know that Torrens is now offering a 20% scholarship for all our Education short courses?

If you’re thinking, ‘I don’t have time for more study,’ then you should know that these courses are specifically designed for teachers who are already in the workforce. They’re flexible and online and can be completed in just four weeks.

Torrens short courses offer an opportunity to up-skill and move towards specialization in some of the most important areas of Education today.

If there are a number of teachers at your school who want to up-skill in a particular area, there are also Education Scholarships available for cohorts of 10 or more students.

Best of all, our short courses count towards further study, in case you decide you’d like to continue on with your development.

You can access scholarships to study:


So, why do you deserve a scholarship?

  1. You care about making an impact.

You want to innovate and teach in new and better ways. Maybe you have students in your class who are on the Autism Spectrum, and you’re trying to understand how to better support them. Or, you see a need to introduce some fresh thinking and design strategies into your school. Perhaps, you want to better understand your students who are experiencing mental health conditions.

Whatever you need to do to become a teacher who is making a big impact, you can bet it will start with up-skilling.

  1. You want to build a community.

When you join Torrens as a scholarship student, you become part of a scholarship community. You have access to a broad network of educators across the country, and you can chat with them about the challenges facing your school over online class discussions and forums.

If there’s a particular need at your school for development of a particular skill set, why not apply for a scholarship as a cohort? You’ll be able to form a group, discuss your new ideas, and implement school-wide strategies.

  1. You’re waiting for the right moment to up-skill (this could be it!)

Maybe you’ve been thinking about specialising and learning a new skill set for a while. Why not apply for a scholarship, and see what happens! If you’re successful, it’s the perfect opportunity to follow your passion, at a discounted rate!

This might be the beginning of your new career, as a specialist teacher or innovator in your school. Who knows where it might take you.

Ok, but am I eligible to apply?

To apply for a scholarship, the only compulsory requirements are that you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident, that you apply within the deadline and be available to complete the program during the allotted timeframe.

Aside from these basic requirements, your application will be assessed based on three main factors:

  1. Academic Drive: Ability to demonstrate a dedication to your academic studies, and a passion for studying and achieving high results.
  2. Community Minded: Understand social cause and community needs
  3. Industry Passion: Express a passion for the education industry and/or have relevant work experience.

See here for more information about the Education scholarships on offer, and the relevant short courses. 


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