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3 reasons why your ATAR doesn’t define you

With all the pressure of getting a good ATAR score, it can feel like your whole life is revolves around a single number. But the truth is your final marks don’t define you. Nor do they don’t determine how successful you’ll be.

What’s more important than your ATAR is your ability to bounce back and make awesome things out of whatever life throws at you.

“Remember this: it’s not what happens to you, but how you react that matters”

Here are a few reasons why your ATAR school does not define who you are.

1. Your ATAR does not determine how successful you will be

Your ATAR score is by no means a reflection on how successful you’ll be. There are countless stories of famous people who dropped out of high-school or failed a million times before they got to where they are. If anything, these setbacks made them fight harder. Essentially your ability to succeed is a result of motivation, resilience, and your drive.

2. Life experience is more valuable than getting good grades

Of course, having a good ATAR is certainly going to be helpful but it’s definitely not the only way to get into uni. Nor does it change the career you end up in. We all take different paths in life. Don’t ever downplay the importance of life experience. The experience you gain from taking time to travel, volunteering for an organisation, or following whatever your creative urges are will help you stand out when it comes to a university application – and a job interview.

3. Your ATAR doesn’t determine your intelligence

Standardised testing and Academic institutions are built around a one size fits all model. Don’t let this rigid system make you feel like you are somehow lesser because your natural talents can’t be worked after a two hour exam.


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