Now Reading: Do Business Like an Athlete: Torrens November MBA Masterclass with Daniel Evans

Do Business Like an Athlete: Torrens November MBA Masterclass with Daniel Evans

Do Business Like an Athlete: Torrens November MBA Masterclass with Daniel Evans

As a child growing up in Melbourne, Daniel Evans discovered an early love for sports. He swam and played cricket and Aussie rules, but it was basketball, and later, boxing, that would become his biggest passions.

“I played senior Basketball for one season and spent four years as Co-Captain at Gippsland (ABA). After retiring from basketball I took up boxing. I won an Australian Amateur title in 2001 and had 3 professional fights as a Welterweight. Boxing has amazing highs and terrible lows. I have seen them both!”

Even while focused on his boxing, he knew that at some point, it wouldn’t be enough for him anymore – he needed to grow and develop.

If he were to build a career and challenge himself even further, he would have to begin a different direction.

Do Business Like an Athlete: Torrens November MBA Masterclass with Daniel Evans

He decided to apply his skills from sports into business, starting with some further education. First, he started a Bachelors of Business in Sports Management, then later graduated into a Master of Commerce and eventually achieved a Ph.D. in International Business Strategy!

“I have worked in sports management since graduating with my Bachelors in 1993; first in sports facility management, and then in sports management consulting with AFL Brownlow Medalist Kelvin Templeton (Templeton Galt). Following a consulting job for Templeton Galt with the Al Jazira Football (soccer) club in Abu Dhabi in 2005. I accepted their offer to move there full-time as Director of Operations.”

This experience led him to work in GCC from 2005-2018. During that period, he developed a deep understanding of the local cultures and learned to speak, read and write Arabic.

He also had another important, life-changing experience.

“I was there 13 years in total. I met my Iranian wife in the Middle East and we now have two beautiful daughters; Anoosha (means Joy) and Atanaz (means Daddy’s girl).”

Throughout his experiences in business and in sports, Daniel has overcome a number of big challenges. For him, one memory in particular, stands out.

“After winning an Australian Amateur Title I lost my next two Amateur fights and was badly knocked out in the final one. I then got knocked out on live television in my professional debut! That was not easy to deal with. I went from an extreme high to an extreme low.

Getting back in the ring for my second professional fight was a massive challenge. The idea of losing four in a row was very dark and created a lot of pressure, so winning that fight was a huge relief!”

For Daniel, it’s important to stay passionate and keep on going, no matter what gets in your way.

He never stopped training. Even while working in his various roles, while studying and now as an international strategic consultant and as a father, he’s still getting in the ring.

“I am passionate about being a good husband and father, and I love my country. I don’t really like the term “the lucky country”. I don’t think it was luck. It was a lot of hard work and sacrifice by good people. I want to do my bit too.

I am sure everyone wants to make their own footsteps – and rightly so! The reality is I have only had modest success as an athlete… but I am proud to have got the most out of myself. I think that is all we can ask of ourselves and others.”

The family has since moved back to Melbourne. With over 20 years of experience across key management positions, combined with his training as an athlete, Dr. Evans found himself in a unique position to bring his skill sets together.

Daniel has developed a highly regarded workshop, the ‘Corporate Athlete’, on Resilience and Sustaining High Performance. This workshop looks at how ambitious executives can learn from elite athletes, and how the mind, body and spirit impact performance.

This November, you have the opportunity to attend Daniel’s ‘Corporate Athlete’ workshop, as part of the Torrens Business MBA Masterclass Series. Just follow this link to find out how!

Do Business Like an Athlete: Torrens November MBA Masterclass with Daniel Evans


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