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Meet our Bright Awards winners | Torrens University

Meet our Bright Awards winners

Every day at Torrens University Australia is different.

We have students at Billy Blue College of Design working on projects in gaming, interior design, graphic design, fashion and so much more. We exist in a whirlwind of creativity, passion and excitement. We’re constantly surprised and shocked by the work of our students – the sheer passion, skill and talent is something that you can’t teach in a classroom; only master.

What are the Bright Awards?

We introduced the Bright Awards to give a platform for all the other creatively passionate people in Australia who have this same drive to express themselves.

The Bright Awards are a nation-wide creative arts competition designed to highlight and encourage emerging talent across high school students in years 10, 11 and 12. There aren’t really any criteria, you don’t have to be studying Visual Arts or Technology at school, all you need to do is visit the website and submit the required work for your chosen field. The Bright Awards feature the following categories: Web and Interactive, Photography, Animation, Games, Fashion and Interior Design.

Also – we should probably mention that the winners are not only the ones to watch in the creative space, but they receive a cash prize of $1000 to continue pursuing their creative careers and their school receives $3000 to continue providing an environment for emerging talent to exercise their skills in design and creative technology.

Submissions for the 2019 Bright Awards are now open and this year it’s going to be bigger and better than ever.

Should I apply for Bright Awards?

If you’re reading this and wondering whether or not to apply, or if you’re worried about the process, hear from our previous winners about their experience with the Bright Awards.

Meet our previous Bright Awards winners


Shannon Hindle graduated year 12 in 2018 and had dreams in making it big in the fashion industry. Shannon put together her portfolio similar to one she had been using for fashion school interviews. At the time of applying, Shannon was doubting herself about whether or not she had what it took to make it in the fashion industry – until that lucky phone call telling her she won. “A few weeks after the HSC I got a call from Billy Blue College of Design and it straight away gave me the confidence and self-belief that I was making the right decision. Without this opportunity, I could very well still be doubting my capabilities within the fashion and art world.”

“Winning has allowed me to expand my skills and further myself in the fashion design industry.” – Shannon

Shannon used the prize money to purchase materials and equipment for her to pursuit her dreams in the fashion industry. Shannon is now completing a Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design with Billy Blue College of Design.


James Corben is a Bright Awards winner from 2017 who submitted a series of work in the category of photography. James entered after seeing advertisements for the Bright Awards online and used his passion for photography to give him the confidence to apply.

“I can recall the time I received the phone call from Billy Blue and being lost for words, it was surreal. I was honoured to have been selected to receive this award amongst such a talented and creative group of young people.” – James

James is taking this year to travel, explore the world and capture every moment he can. With a goal at studying Business and Media at University, photography will always be a part of his life.


Caitlin found out about the Bright Awards from her teacher, who assured her she had the talent to submit in the category of Animation.

“Winning the Bright Awards gave me the confidence to produce something that I am proud of and it’s encouraged me to practice more. I used the prize money to purchase equipment and technology to advance my craft.” – Caitlin


When Lisa found out she was a Bright Award winner she was truly astounded. Like many of our applicants, Lisa doubted she had what it took to win – but like many, she was wrong! Lisa was awarded a Bright Award in the category of ‘Games’ and used a piece from her HSC major work to apply.

“Winning this was a pivotal moment for because for the first time in my life, I felt like I could achieve something not just academically, but creatively as well.” – Lisa

Apply today

All of these stories have two things in common:

at some point along the way they doubted themselves, however, they all also won.

We hear about this a lot with the Bright Awards, students doubt whether they’ve got what it takes. We’re looking for the passionate, the creative and the proud – so apply, because if Shannon, Caitlin, Lisa or James let their confidence stop them, they wouldn’t be Bright Awards winners!

For more information on how to apply, entry criteria and key dates, please visit the Bright Awards website. 

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