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New Year’s Resolution 2019: Go back to school | Torrens University Australia

New Year’s Resolution: Go back to school

Have you listed out all your goals and resolutions for the year ahead? Did any of them include: land a career you love?

If it does then we’re here to make your dreams come true!

Our motto is love what you do. Your career should never fill you with a sinking feeling of dread. Instead, you should be excited to go to work; excited to be challenged, to grow, and to dive into something you are genuinely passionate about.

Unlike those other New Year’s resolutions, like “get fit” that tend to wane as the year progresses – our success coaches will help you stay motivated. You can think of your dedicated Success Coach as your personal trainer in the study world.

So, what does Torrens have to offer?

There are lots of great things about studying at a private university. We don’t operate like the traditional auditorium-driven university; we like energy, progression, and having our students dive deep in the real world so that they can leave with a portfolio, and maybe even a job too. We’ve got lots of exciting courses that are taught by industry professional’s who work in the field.

“It’s so rewarding to be able to put your skills into practice. I’m really fortunate to love what I do and work with cultures from all over the world. It’s something I am truly passionate about.”
Ellie Huynh, Graduate Diploma of Global Project Management alumni

What courses can I take at Torrens University?

We have everything you can think in faculties like Design, Technology, Business, Project Management, Health, Hospitality, Education and so much more.

There is a lot to choose from so if you’d prefer to talk to us then arrange and appointment with one of our Course and Career Advisors who can help to navigate your way.

For example, maybe you’ve always been interested in Complementary Medicine (Nutrition, Naturopathy, Western Herbal Medicine, Chinese Medicine, or Myotherapy). Or perhaps you’re more interested in the world gaming and would like the Bachelor Of Creative Technologies (Game Art) or the Bachelor of Software Engineering (Game Programming) – both of these courses were designed with subject matter experts from Media Design School in New Zealand, one of the top 3 digital design schools in the world! Maybe you love the culinary arts and the idea of being the Best Chef in Australia has been dancing around your head as your favorite daydream.

“I love working with people to bring their dreams into the reality through graphic design & photography. One of my favourite parts of it is having awesome relationships with people who have products/services I believe make the world a better place, and getting to be part of sharing that with the world.”
Josie HarveyDiploma of Graphic Design alumni

Check out our hospitality courses and learn how you can not only become the next big chef but you will also learn the skills to open your own restaurant. Or perhaps you want to take your career to the next level with a Torrens University Australia MBA and start 2019 with a promotion.

Can I study online?

Of course!

We offer plenty of online study options. You can also decide if you want your class ‘blended’ – part online, part in-person. It’s up to you. Even though you are an online sutdent you can always use the facilities in all of our campuses!

In fact, we have our first ever Virtual Open Day on Monday, February 4, 2019, from 6:00pm – 9:00pm (AEST). This event is the perfect opportunity to get a feel for our online study environment and decide whether its right for you.

New Year’s Resolution 2019: Go back to school

Are there scholarships?

So glad you asked. We absolutely do have scholarships for 2019. If you consider yourself to be a natural born leader who is community-minded and passionate about making a change in your community then apply for one of our scholarships. (Even if you don’t think that about yourself, apply anyway! You never know what will happen).

My Dad once said, “get a haircut and get a real job”. I guess he was frustrated that I was spending his money on things I thought were cool. I rebelled, grew my hair longer and found solace in the disruptive design culture at Billy Blue. I love Mondays because I get paid to make cool things and my Dad couldn’t be prouder.”
Jeremy How, alumni and Senior Designer at Billy Blue Creative

When can I apply?

It depends when you want to start. At the time, we are still taking in registrations for our January intake. Learn more about key dates.

Want to learn more?

Come by and get an idea of what Torrens is like at our Open Day!

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