Now Reading: Photographer, Duy Huynh presenting at Adelaide Open Day

Duy Huynh

Photographer, Duy Huynh presenting at Adelaide Open Day

Torrens University Australia is excited to announce their upcoming open day speaker, Duy Huynh. Duy will be joining Torrens to discuss entrepreneurship and business acumen as he takes us through his career journey so far.

Taught from a young age to study hard and get a good, stable job, Duy was always torn between climbing the corporate ladder or chasing his creative spirit. During his university years when he studied both architecture and marketing, Duy worked part-time waiting tables. This was where his love for food and wine began, his passion becoming the start of the career he has today.

Upon graduating he became increasingly invested in a promising career of sales and then business management but with the creative side of him breaking through. Following a nearly two-year hiatus travelling throughout South-East Asia, exploring, tasting and photographing everything along the way. Duy’s Instagram account @duydash was only meant to be a visual journal of this adventure, but people started taking notice. What started as a simple creative outlet began inspiring thousands all over the world, and soon became a springboard to Duy’s career as one of South Australia’s most sought-after food and travel photographers.

Duy found his first big break as the local food photographer and writer for Clique Mag, the rebrand of Attitude Magazine, and quickly gained traction in Adelaide’s local foodie scene. His work has attracted the interest of some of the world’s biggest brands with Time Magazine (NYC) and Canon Australia knocking on the door within the first month. In the next few months, he won a food photography competition hosted by Restaurant & Catering Australia with the winning image now adorning the walls of Parliament House in Canberra.

Duy has worked on projects with South Australian Tourism Commission, shot content with Sunshine Coast Tourism and has had more work published overseas with The Telegraph (London) and Global Traveler Magazine (NYC).

Don’t miss Duy’s inspiring talk on Sunday 20, August, 10am – 2pm. Register here.

Visit: to view Duy’s work or follow him on Instagram @duydash.



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