5 reasons to study Counselling & Community Services at Torrens

Counselling programs at Torrens University

A career in counselling and community services is one of the most rewarding.

At Torrens University Australia and Jansen Newman Institute (JNI), we understand how important it is to choose the right career path for you, and we have come up with 5 top reasons why studying Counselling or Community Services would be the best career move for you.

1. Your rewarding career with the leading education providers in the field

A career in counselling or community services gives you the opportunity to touch and change people’s lives. It is essential to choose a trusted provider who will be able to provide you with the best knowledge and the most relevant practical experience in the field. JNI is specifically known as a leading tertiary social sciences institution. The various Counselling and Community Services qualifications of Torrens University and JNI have industry accreditation with Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA), Australian Counselling Association (ACA), or Australian Community Workers Association (ACWA). Our students are well regarded by industry due to the comprehensive, practical training they receive, and upon graduation, you will be eligible to become a member of the industry bodies which represent your new profession.

2. Real practical experience as you study

You will feel secure and ready to begin your practice when you graduate because we have seamlessly integrated practical work elements with your theory. You will learn how to interact with real clients by providing a service to the public under the supervision of a professional at our public-facing holistic clinic – The Wellbeing Center; or have organisation-based fieldwork to get real experience. Additionally, you will take part in practical workshops or internships.

3. Supported all the way in every way

You will be part of a real community and thrive with the direct help from your lecturers, success coach, and peers. To us, you are an important part of our community. Our small class sizes are designed for high engagement and collaboration with those around you. The campus and Wellbeing centre are designed to suit your needs, and with the allocated success coach they will support and guide you to achieve your career aspirations.

JNI and Torrens

4. You will learn from the best in the industry

Your lecturers and clinical supervisors have a wealth of industry experience and knowledge in their areas, and they are passionate about providing you with the best quality of education to ensure you achieve your best. Our experienced professionals will actively engage you in clinical, practical, theoretical, and/or research-based work, give you the direction for you and your future.

5. Join a unique campus and online communities, and be part of the world’s largest international alumni network

Starting a new course is always an exciting but also a nervous period of time, especially when you are changing careers. With us, you will feel welcomed within our on-campus and online communities, as well as within the wider international student and alumni networks. JNI and Torrens are part of the Laureate International Universities, a leading international network of innovative institutions comprising of 70 universities across 27 countries – making you part of the largest network of higher education intuitions in the world.

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