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Meet our Health lecturer, live from the TED stage

Annalies Corse is a Senior Lecturer in the Bachelor of Health Science.

Annalies was recently chosen to speak at TEDx Sydney to present her idea of the “Fourth Trimester.”

Introducing The Fourth Trimester: support for new parents

She believes that new parents need more support from their community after childbirth, “a new child can deliver life-changing losses to your independence, identity, and excruciating sleep deprivation.”

In order to mediate the stress and exhaustion a child can have on an individual and a relationship, Analiese suggests creating fourth-trimester communities that focus on the nutritional, physical and mental health of the entire family unit. The phase of life when families are new and young is a particularly vulnerable time, one that needs can help with added support.

“It takes a village to raise a child…yet modern parents are working without a village. It’s time to build that village again.

As a health professional, I was not aware just how much the concept of the ‘village’ was missing from health care for families with new babies until I had my own.”

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