Now Reading: Staff healthcare offerings continue in the wake of the bushfires

Staff healthcare offerings continue in the wake of the bushfires

Nursing Senior Learning Facilitator and Registered Nurse, Andrea Hall, has been deployed in the fire ravaged town of Mallacoota, East Gippsland – Victoria, for two stints in January to deliver emergency and primary health care in the midst of the recent bush fire crisis. This is a town which mass evacuated more than 1,000 people on navy helicopters and ships in early January. Andrea headed back to the town, still considered a disaster zone, last week.

She was recently joined by Lisa Walsh, Program Director for Counselling and Community Services and Registered Psychologist, who donated her services and time to aid the many people requesting psychological support, reaching a wider audience via a radio broadcast.

The pair have been changed forever by this experience, in a positive way and will use what they have learnt to help more people in the future and plan to embed these lessons learnt in curriculums. It was a privilege and honour to be able to use my skills to support a community that has been through so much,” said Lisa whose blog on the Torrens University website offers advice to everyone who has been affected by the unprecedented devastation.

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