Now Reading: A day to celebrate women in nutritional science

Dr Katie Canteri, the Program Director of Nutrition

A day to celebrate women in nutritional science

The following is written by Dr Katie Canteri, the Program Director of Nutrition, and based at our Fitzroy, Melbourne campus.

I work in the Health and Education Faculty as the Program Director of the Nutrition Portfolio at Torrens University, leading the academic team in delivering our nutrition courses.

I love what I do and am privileged to be part of shaping the future of Australia’s next generation of leaders in the nutrition profession. They will continue to make a real difference to people’s lives by improving health through food and nutrition.

I am always aware that I’m building on a rich tradition of strong and inspiring women who have made the discipline of nutrition what it is today. Because of their hard work, leadership opportunities in nutrition are promising. The nutrition profession is continuously evolving and changing, promoted by advances in research, nutritional science, and technology.

Reflecting on the contribution of the women who served before me, I am well aware of my responsibility, as a nutrition leader, to keep abreast of nutrition advances and serve as an advocate for evidence-based nutrition.

Celebrating International Women’s Day, then, is important to me, especially as an emerging senior academic leader at Torrens University. From my perspective, Balance for Better is about fostering Positive Leadership to create a workplace climate that embraces everyone’s experience, background and capabilities and where staff feel valued, supported, respected and are empowered to thrive.

Torrens University has opened the door for me to step into a rewarding leadership role. I have been able to grow towards my full potential, with a key focus on my long term career aspirations as a female leader.

I am proud to be part of an organisation that enables women to pursue their passion and nurture their best academic talent using a strengths-based model.  I have been exposed to many inspiring female role models who have guided me and recognised my potential, showing me what could be possible for a woman to achieve.

Let’s celebrate inspiring women in the field of human nutrition today and always strive for gender parity!

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