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Let's help our Australian farmers!

Australian drought: What you can do to help

Australia is currently experiencing one of the most devastating droughts in history.

“Australian farmers say this long-lasting drought is eating away the land like ‘cancer’.”

98% of NSW and almost two-thirds of Queensland is either in drought or is drought affected. Farms and pastures have turned to wasteland and the cost to feed livestock is skyrocketing. The damage of these droughts has led to heartbreaking scenes of farmers forced to slaughter their animals or watch them die in front of their eyes as they struggle to feed and water livestock.

We need to help.

Australian drought: What you can do to help

“Farmers don’t ask for handouts. There’s still families out there in the local communities that haven’t registered for help. They’re too proud, they don’t want to accept anything. But it’s time we all looked in our backyard and supported our lifeblood.”

How can I help?

Together we make a difference. Our campuses across Australia are leaning together to give back to the community. Here’s how you can too:

Your tax-deductible donation can save a life.


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