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Anastasia Johnson, Program Coordinator for the Diploma of Nursing

International Women’s Day: Creating a better balance

The following is written by Anastasia Johnson, Program Coordinator for the Diploma of Nursing, based at our Gotha Street, Brisbane campus.

When asked to write a piece for International Women’s Day it triggered me to reflect upon my journey as a woman within the workforce and what that meant to me.

When working as a nurse, the impact of equality and a better balance was not as evident, as I was in female dominant environment with wages and conditions that were equal between genders. Additionally, I was also very lucky to be positively influenced by strong women, both professionally and socially, who have excelled in their respective careers.

However, once I moved into a role within education, I realised that although there is a high awareness of the inequality between the sexes, I have a position of influence that could raise awareness to create a better balance between genders in the future.

I am not one to hold banners, rally or be extremely vocal with opinions that potentially incite a radical, emotional reaction, but rather I am the quiet influencer with seeds of empowerment planted into the minds of others to grow.

I take great pride in influencing nursing students to excel at what they do, be proud of their achievements, make others aware of their achievements, but most of all, empower the female student to believe in themselves and that they are capable of achieving whatever they put their mind to at the highest positions available.

What about the number of males within the profession? If we are to create a better balance should we also see an increase in the male number of nurses? Absolutely!

The number of male nurses has increased over the years as they shed the stigma of nursing being a woman’s job, which is encouraging when creating a better balance in my given vocation.

I recently attended a Torrens University Leadership Summit in Melbourne. For the first time in my career I conversed with people from all levels and departments within the company. It was enlightening to discover and hear of the wide range of backgrounds and work experience. I was impressed by the substantial balance of females and males in leadership roles through to academics. I was even more impressed by the mutual respect and genuine interest everybody had for each other. It did not matter what gender we were, it did not matter what we looked like, it did not matter what title we held within the company.  This embedded a sense of pride for my company, what the future looks as a university and the amazing opportunities we will give our students with a better balanced attitude.

I look forward to a day of not only better balance but complete balance across all environments where people are not judged by their gender, skin colour, race, height, weight and all the others labels we are given every day, but rather, we are judged on our skills and ability to achieve within our capabilities.

In light of creating a better balance – be part of the solution not the problem.

Anastasia Johnson is a Program Coordinator – Diploma of Nursing, based at our Gotha Street, Brisbane campus.

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