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Torrens University Graduating Class of 2019

It’s hard to beat that feeling of seeing our students cross that graduation stage. Wearing graduation caps, gowns and tassels, our students are unapologetically proud as they shake hands with our Chancellor, Michael Mann AM, and receive their formal credential, signifying the end of one chapter, and the beginning of another.

After the graduation ceremony, Chancellor Michael Mann says that every hand that he shakes is a humbling experience. He shakes hundreds of hands across each ceremony. But he knows that students choose to trust Torrens University, in a world of many possibility and alternatives. That these are students who have looked at what we promise, and what we deliver, and they could see how we, Torrens University, could help them embark on rich and fulfilling careers.

“Torrens certainly provided me with the foundation that I needed to now step out into my career, and I feel incredibly lucky because I know I have the knowledge and the skill and the experience behind me to feel confident moving out into the real world.”  – Nicola Miethke

As the graduating students walk off stage and embrace their families and friends, it’s easy to see how this momentous occasion can, and does, impact the lives of so many. Often, our students are international or are coming from another city or town. Often, our students are the first in their family to receive formal higher education. And always, our students are proud.

Last week’s graduation ceremonies in Sydney were no exception. We were delighted to have 1,085 students, from 32 different countries, graduating from our Business, Hospitality, Health, Education and Design faculties.

“This degree with Torrens has helped ignite my passion for design. I found it, refined it, and I believe I’m ready for the design world.” – George Haltmeier

We witnessed students like David graduate from the Design faculty who had his entire family in attendance from Samoa for the ceremony; and John from our Health faculty, who four years ago was laid off as a coal miner and wanted a new challenge, deciding to become a nurse.

Bursting with ear-to-ear smiles as the name of their son, daughter, husband, wife or friend was called upon, our audience reached in excess of 2,750 people across the three ceremonies. All of whom were justifiably filled with excitement and pride.

Whichever path they have been down, whichever path they will take from here, we could not be more proud of the graduating class of 2019. We look forward to watching their careers flourish.

“Before I started at Torrens, I was worried I didn’t have it in me. I thought, ‘what if I can’t design?’ or ‘what if I’m not creative enough?’ but Torrens really nurtured my creativity and pushed me and made me realise I can do it. If you put your mind to it, anyone can.” – Darcy Hurlbutt

And at Torrens University, this is not the end of the relationship. Our graduating class now officially become our alumni. We are the youngest and newest university in Australia, but already our alumni are doing impressive and amazing things.

They join our story today.

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