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6 Reasons to Attend William Blue’s ‘Day in the Life’

Are you about to finish school, and you’re dreaming of running your own fine-dining restaurant or working in top hotels all around the world?

Every year, Torrens University hosts several ‘Day in the Life’ events for school leavers across all departments. The idea is to give younger students the opportunity to get a real taste for what a career in their industry would be like before they enroll.

You wouldn’t buy a bike before you tried riding it. So, why not take your career for a ride, before you decide to study?

“The Day in the Life experience helps students and parents with the decision-making process, as it is a highly practical day.” – Jessica Pankiw, (Course and Career Advisor Secondary Schools, Torrens University Australia)

William Blue College of Hospitality Management will be opening its doors this October 3, for our very own ‘Day in the Life’ experience. The day is designed to give students a unique, behind-the-scenes insight into how the hospitality industry works, from kitchens to front of the house. Come along to do a kitchen workshop, visit hotels, and dine in our student-run restaurant.

Here are 6 great reasons to come along, if you’re thinking of starting a career in hospitality.

1. Attend an exclusive guided tour of some of Sydney’s most successful hotels

If you’re interested in a course in Hospitality or Tourism Management, you’ll be taken to visit some of Sydney’s most luxurious hotels. We’ve arranged for you to be shown the inner workings of the hotels by their staff.

You’ll get an exclusive peek inside the suites, restaurants, and kitchen, and you can ask hotel staff any questions you might have about the running of the hotel and what day-to-day working life is like.

2. Get a glimpse behind the scenes of one of Sydney’s best restaurants

“Day in the Life is really unique because students get to come to the world-class, student-run restaurant. We have students coming to top hotels like Pier One, if you’re studying Culinary you get to work as a chef if you’re studying Hospitality and Management you get to work on the floor.” – Angela Noble, (Course and Career Advisor Secondary Schools, Torrens University Australia)

If you’re interested in studying Culinary Management and becoming a restaurateur or chef, you’ll be taken to explore one of Sydney’s top restaurants. You’ll learn about everything from how they’ve developed their branding and designed the menu, to how the kitchen operates, and you’ll have the chance to chat to staff about their careers.

3. Try your hand at being a chef in our award-winning, student-run restaurant

For those who dream of food as their career, you’ll also get the opportunity to try being a chef in a hands-on workshop at our student-run restaurant, William Blue Dining

This fully functioning restaurant gives our students the opportunity to test out their skills in a real-world environment, preparing food for actual customers. If you decide to study culinary at William Blue, this is where you’ll be learning all your essential kitchen skills from our team of professional chefs.

Day in the life | Torrens University

4. Get free advice from our careers advisors

“It’s a great opportunity for students to learn what they’ll be actually doing in the workforce before they actually start doing a course with us.” – Erika Noda, (Course and Career Advisor Secondary Schools, Torrens University Australia)

At ‘Day in the Life’ you’ll have the chance to chat with careers advisors like Erika Noda,

Jessica Pankiw, or Angela Noble. These Torrens careers professionals have a great understanding of the hospitality industry and what it will take for you to get where you want to go. Or, if you’re unsure what direction you want to take, you can chat to them about different options and figure out what might be right for you.

5. Find out about your eligibility for scholarships

Did you know that you might be eligible for one of the Torrens 2019 School Leaver Scholarships, valued at up to $57,600? Find out from one of our staff on the day how you can apply!

6. Enjoy lunch at William Blue Dining while making new friends

Wine and dine at one of Sydney’s finest restaurants alongside your potential future classmates. You’ll get to experience a five-star lunch prepared by William Blue culinary students, and at the same time meet other school leavers interested in a career in hospitality, just like you!

If you’re not already convinced, hear directly from some of our careers advisors on how attending ‘Day in the Life’ could help you decide on your career path.

Places for ‘Day in the Life’ October are limited, so hurry up and register online if you want to be sure of securing a spot. The event is for high school students in years 9, 10, 11 and 12, and it goes from 09:30 am to 1:30 pm, on Thursday 3 October.

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