Now Reading: Accelerate Your Career While You Maximise Hotel Revenue

Accelerate Your Career While You Maximise Hotel Revenue

Accelerate Your Career While You Maximise Hotel Revenue

Do you want to take a big step forward in your career, but not sure how to give yourself that special ‘edge’?

Hospitality is an ever-booming industry, and as such you want to be right in the heart of the action, making real-time decisions in a senior management position…but how do you get there?

Well, it is with great excitement that we are able to offer the Graduate Certificate in Revenue Management – the first accredited course of its kind, globally.

The Graduate Certificate in Revenue Management (GCRM) is designed to suit mid-career professionals or recent graduates of a Degree in Hospitality or Tourism looking to sharpen some important skills that will prove invaluable in the workplace. The assessments are interactive and thought-provoking, including a mix of individual assignments based on live briefs, reports, case studies, and reflective logs. The course is delivered online, working toward the completion of four subjects and can be fulfilled in as quickly as 6 months, full time.

The Graduate Certificate in Revenue Management & ARMA.

Torrens University focuses highly on the employability of graduating students; ensuring that when they finish their study they will be industry ready. Thus, what could be better than a co-curated course between a high education provider, Torrens University, and an industry specialist, ARMA Australian Revenue Management Association, to provide the academic and up-to-date industry knowledge?

ARMA is the leading organisation in Asia Pacific and Australia and works with market leaders and educational institutes to create training initiatives to support the development of those in the field of Revenue Management.  The powerful relationship with ARMA will lead to the sharing of informed, relevant and industry-specific knowledge that will assist in creating extremely employable future leaders.

Career Pathway and Revenue Management

Those with an understanding of Revenue Management are not only able to achieve organisational goals but also become influencers of their industry. With an understanding of Revenue Management, certain exciting and important roles will become more accessible to you. While there are many careers in Hospitality Management, some roles need a special set of skills or understanding of Revenue Management, for example:

  • Director of Revenue Management
  • Revenue Management Strategy Analyst
  • Revenue Analyst
  • Director of Sales and Marketing
  • Director of Sales
  • Sales Executive
  • Sales and Account Manager

This course has been crafted specifically to meet a demand for those industry professionals needing to upscale their skills to reach higher levels of responsibility. One of our Revenue Management PhD candidates at Torrens University, Antoine Bruant-Bisson, shared some interesting insights into the study of Revenue Management:

“Our discussions are based on getting students together and sharing their perspective and understanding of a topic…The exercises and discussions are on-point and up-to-date with current revenue and yield management practices”.

Why Study Revenue Management?

Revenue Managers need to have an understanding around all elements that are critical to increasing the revenue and profitability of their property. As such, graduates require an in-depth understanding of forecasting, market trends, strategies for building room rates & packages, evaluation of theoretical or business information & data and the ability to make real-time decisions; all elements crucial for success as a Revenue Manager. Graduates of the GCRM develop the discernment to improve their skills in these areas and gain insight into the level of competence needed to be leaders in the Hospitality and Hotel Industries.

Program Director at Torrens University Australia, Nick Turmel, expressed that this course will enable future students to upskill and have better career progression where they are employed. Many managers have been learning throughout their years of experience on the field and this course will provide them with the potential missing foundation to reach their next level of responsibilities. Nick Turmel also shared,

“This course, in my professional opinion, is the perfect balance between the theoretical and the ‘hands-on’ knowledge that a Hospitality professional needs to improve its business and its bottom line.”

The GCRM provides graduates with a well-rounded understanding of what is required to establish a prosperous Revenue Management career, as well as being able to function effectively as a senior hotel executive. If you imagine yourself in a role as a Revenue Manager or similar, become part of a supportive and interactive course that is able to develop all the strategic, analytical and creative skills you require to take on the role of your dreams.

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