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Soaking Up The Passion for the Hospitality Industry at Open Day

Attending an Open Day is always a wonderful way to get to know some important details about the campus, facilities and of course the variety of diplomas and degrees on offer.

But what about the small details? What about the little interesting facts about student life, the best parts of the courses and why the hospitality industry is such an incredibly interesting, diverse and passionate community of people?

At William Blue, our Alumni are our biggest asset and we are very proud of each one. But for those thinking about studying a course in hospitality management, Alumni become the most reliable source of proof for the effectiveness of the courses offered at William Blue at Torrens University Australia.

As such, we have asked two of our wonderful Alumni to give us an overview of what they studied & why, where their passion comes from and what they love about their roles now.  


Course(s) Studied: Advanced Diploma in Hotel Management  Bachelor of Business in Hospitality Management
Graduation Year:

Diploma in Hotel Management – 2016 Bachelor of Business in Hospitality Management – 2018
Current Place of Work: Courtyard by Marriott North Ryde
Current Title: Catering and Events Executive

[William Blue] What did you study and why?

[Gemma] I studied hotel management and hospitality because, while I knew I would love this industry, I didn’t know which path I wanted to travel and there is definitely a distinction between hospitality and hotel management.

But even then, you never know where this industry will take you, as now I currently work in events. I didn’t study events specifically but what I did learn at William Blue meant that my knowledge and skills were transferrable.

The best decision I ever made during my studies at William Blue College was doing both the Advanced Diploma and Bachelor Degree. I received the practical experience of living and working on Hamilton Island for 6 months and the degree then furthered and refined my management skills –  all within 3 years! I would suggest this path to most future students.

[William Blue] Where does your passion come from?

[Gemma] The way to be successful in this industry to be dedicated to finding a way to put a smile on everyone’s face. This is what fuels my passion and drives me, every single day. I love seeing people happy. Similarly, I love to be social; to meet new & different people and learn from them. The hospitality industry lets me do this every day at work. When you are surrounded by this type of energy, enthusiasm and knowledge there is no way your passion can burn out.
[William Blue] What do you love most about your job?

[Gemma] I love working for Marriott and everything they stand for – ‘To be the world’s favourite travel company’. It’s an ethos I can really get behind. The people I have met through Marriott, all over Australia share the same passion as me. These people have become my friends; they are now the familiar surroundings of my career and will be in my life for a very long time to come. I also love to work on events from the start to finish with clients –  to seeing it unfold on the day and bringing their dreams to life.

Name: SARAH  

Course(s) Studied:

Diploma of Event Management

Bachelor of Event Management

Bachelor of Marketing

Graduation Year:

Diploma of Event Management – 2016,  

Bachelor of Event Management – 2017

Bachelor of Marketing – 2018

Current Place of Work: Hyatt Regency, Sydney.

Current Title: Events Services Senior Team Leader

[William Blue] What did you study and why?

[Sarah] The most simple answer is that I just knew that I love events. I love to plan and organize the details for parties and events for my friends and family. So I just knew that it was going to be the best industry for me. Also, because events give people so much joy. Whatever they are celebrating or are planning, I have the power to bring a smile to someone’s face. I love to be part of the great satisfaction that comes with seeing an event take place exactly how that client had planned, or even better than they expected!

[William Blue] Where does your passion come from?

[Sarah] I believe that my passion is just a part of me. I honestly believe that because of the support of my family and friends, helping me to get to where I am now, means that my passion for events runs so deep in my heart.

William Blue helped me build my career by providing a variety of jobs opportunities. The college provided me so many practical experiences, consultations and expos to ensure my career and future would be bright after graduating.

When you have the tools and training from your college and the love & encouragement from family & friends, then your passion is never compromised.

[William Blue] What do you love most about your job?

[Sarah] I actually love the challenges. It’s my favourite part. Every day there is a new problem to solve, a new client to please, an issue we have never faced. But I use my skills and knowledge from my time at William Blue to guide me toward the answers and to have confidence in myself that I am able to resolve these challenges.

Don’t miss your chance to speak to Alumni just like Sarah and Gemma at Open Day –  maybe even ask them these same questions! You can also speak to current students & staff and ask them where their passion for the industry comes from and how to become a part of this exciting industry starting at William Blue.

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