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Studying online as an international student

2021 marks the year of the Ox in the Lunar calendar. To acknowledge Lunar New Year and our many students who celebrate this festive time, we asked a few of our students to tell us what studying online is really like.

Aaron Sun, Master of Business Administration

Torrens University has an outstanding online learning platform experience. It has no difference in face-to-face learning at all. The tutors are still strict in teaching and engaging. They won’t give you obsolete recording or shorten the duration of the class.

I used to meet a tutor who required everyone to turn on the camera and make sure it was us who was listening.

I also can get the student’s support and answers quickly from Torrens University.

If you watched the Graduation without Border in November, you must be impressed with the versatile and robust online experience from Torrens University!

I am proud of recommending Torrens University to friends!

What advice would you give a young graduate starting out in their career in 2021?

Focus on learning. Also, if you have the opportunity to do part-time work related to your major, or even volunteer. This can help you find professional-related jobs soon after graduation.

Xu, Bachelor of Business

Studying online is better choice for me. I don’t have high volume of vocabulary. Sometimes the teacher may have an accent, which will cause me to skip the points in the physical classroom sometimes.

However, the online class will generate videos, so it is very helpful for me to review after class. The lecturer stays in the live room to answer students’ questions after class and respond to emails in a timely manner.

Online classes have a tiny flaw which is the lack of eye contact and body language that you would normally get in a physical class.  Generally speaking, I like the courses which are diversified at Torrens University. The teachers are quite nice and patient.

Lixian Guo, Bachelor of Business

I really like studying online. My accommodation is far away from school. It takes 2 hours to drive back and forth. Online learning saves me time.

Besides, online delivery remains the same quality as the physical class does. The lecturers respond to the questions raised in class in a timely manner, and the students engaged and interacted very well.

Mengzhen Pan, Bachelor of Business (International Hotel and Resort Management)  

My online delivery is fairly smooth now since the network at my place runs stable and I install a firewall for better connection.

I prefer to study online because it is convenient and saving time. The lecturers are nice in assessment if we are quite active in the classroom.

Zehan Wang, Bachelor of Business (International Hotel and Resort Management)

The online delivery is quite engaging and interesting. I can interact with lecturers in a vivid manner. But I am sometimes challenged in fully understanding the lesson since there will be language barrier from my side. I’ll try my best to practice English.

Aaron Sun, Student
Xu, Student
Lixian Guo, Student
Menghzen Pan, Student
Zehan Wang, Student

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