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Meet our Health lecturer, live from the TED stage

Annalies Corse obtained a Bachelor of Medical Science degree and worked as both a medical scientist and a Naturopath. In 2006 she graduated from the Australasian College of Natural Therapies (ACNT) with a Bachelor of Health Science. In 2008, she returned to ACNT to become our Senior Lecturer in the Bachelor of Health Science.

Annalies was recently chosen to speak at TEDx Sydney to present her idea of the “Fourth Trimester.”

She believes that new parents need more support from their community after childbirth, “a new child can deliver life-changing losses to your independence, identity, and excruciating sleep deprivation.”

In order to mediate the stress and exhaustion a child can have on an individual and a relationship, Analiese suggests creating fourth-trimester communities that focus on the nutritional, physical and mental health of the entire family unit. The phase of life when families are new and young is a particularly vulnerable time, one that needs can help with added support.

“It takes a village to raise a child…yet modern parents are working without a village. It’s time to build that village again,” said Annalies.

She mentioned how great the TEDx experience was, “As a health professional, I was not aware just how much the concept of the “village” was missing from health care for families with new babies until I had my own. TEDx Sydney had over 5000 in the audience, it was an amazing day and I’m so thankful that TED events exist.”


Annalies’ intervention has been echoed in Natalie Ritchie’s ears, the writer for Child Mags. Consequently, an interview of Annalies has been published in the last Sydney’s Child edition.

‘Annalies has always thought outside of the box, and this innovative take on pregnancy and parenting is just one example of how academic staff at ACNT, Torrens University Australia and other schools and colleges which are a part of the global Laureate International Universities network, inspire students to think creatively about established structures,”

Added Professor Justin Beilby, Vice Chancellor, Torrens University Australia.

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