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10 Days. 5 continents. Day 1

I’m Matt. Me and my camera are exploring what the greatest degree on Earth might look like. Join me on my journey meeting brilliant minds, going behind-the-scenes at some of the world’s coolest brands and discovering some amazing places to study. First stop – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The hotel is beautiful, it has a very festive feel, massive elephant statues in the entrance and its own theme park! My travel partner, Lisa and I haven’t even had a chance to explore it yet as we’ve been on the run since arriving.

Breakfast was incredible. I accidentally accepted a plate of dumplings from the buffet chef, which was in fact a delicious way to start the day. I was brave in trying new foods and learnt quickly that I am not a fan of the chicken liver! We had a breakfast meeting to discuss our day ahead.

The graffiti wall near Petaling Street (near Chinatown) was probably the best part of the day. We got out there early and weren’t too sure whether it was illegal or not to go down there. I climbed down to the river bank anyway explored the area and took selfies with the colourful backdrop.

Our taxi gave us the scenic tour of the city on the way to INTI where we were really lucky to meet Joshua Kandasamy, the PR manager at INTI, and three incredible INTI graduates. They each had an amazing story of success to share, where they are literally changing the world. One student Ganesh, an Engineering graduate has designed a system to purify water in countries such as Cambodia. He is only 24! Ashwani, a Design graduate has designed sleeping shelters for the homeless, and Pearl, is a beauty and business graduate who is designing wearable make-up in the form of jewellery. She wants every woman to feel empowered and beautiful.

Next stop: UBER head office – it was not what we had expected. It was a modern minimalistic mansion in the hills of Kuala Lumpur equipped with swimming pool and a glass elevator. We were lucky to interview the General Manager Leon Foong. He was very inspiring and when asked how do students benefit from interning at UBER, he was quick to respond that UBER were benefitting most from having INTI students work for him. A very generous and authentic person, he is an excellent mentor for students. He is happy to welcome any Australian students to his office anytime.

Yong, the experienced bartender at Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa invited me to join him at the pool bar for a demonstration on how to make the world’s best Pina Colada. I can now say that I am talented in the art of shaking and pouring (and drinking) it!

We made a dash in the rush hour traffic to get to the Heli Lounge Bar, a bar located on a helicopter pad on the rooftop of the INTI KL campus. We were hoping for a colourful sunset, but the rains set in and we arrived to a grey cloudy skyline. Nevertheless it was a spectacular evening as the clouds cleared and the lights switched on in the world’s tallest twin towers – the Petronas Twin Towers, and KL Tower – a spectacular sight. We were lucky to be joined by Cherish Moy, INTI graduate and Social Media Executive. She shared many cultural stories with us, and told us of her time as a student and growing up in Kuala Lumpur.

After drinks at Heli Lounge Bar, Cherish took us for a late night tour of Chinatown to eat some local food. The streets were hot, and the markets were being packed up after what appeared to be a busy day in the marketplace. We were lucky to fall upon a Malaysian model striking poses for a photoshoot in the middle of the street and both of us blondes were commandeered to be part of her shoot. Within minutes we were her Facebook friends and she was promising to visit us in Sydney. The locals here are incredibly friendly and accommodating and we’re going to miss this awesome city.

Keep checking back on the blog for more daily updates from me as I explore new cities and meet new people in search of the greatest degree. Also follow me on the Torrens Uni Instagram and Facebook pages, using #greatestdegree.

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