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10 Days. 5 continents. Day 2

Ever wondered what the greatest degree on Earth might look like? I have, and I’m on a mission to find out! Follow me on my journey as I meet some amazing people working for amazing brands, plus check out some great places to study. Day 2 is once again in KL.

Today started with another incredibly diverse breakfast buffet. I tried beef bacon, chicken porridge and jackfruit, although I didn’t really eat the jackfruit, more like licked the top of it and made some comments about it tasting like UHU glue.

Cherish, came to our hotel to pick us up to take us to the Batu Caves. We were told that it would be a busy day at the caves for it was Deepavali (also known as Diwali) which is the Hindu festival of lights. To celebrate this occasion many Hindu worshippers flock to Batu Caves and the cave temples to pay their respects.

We took a train from Subang Jaya to Batu Caves which took about 30 minutes. The trains have bright pink ladies-only carriages which are monitored by the guards. Cherish explained to us that this is a fairly recent development in the past few years to improve female passenger safety.

At the entrance to the caves there were many market stalls selling festive jewellery, sweet treats and souvenirs to offer to the gods. There were great crowds of women in their silk and diamante saris, and men in equally colourful attire. The women thought I was a little bit of a rockstar and wanted to get their photo taken with me.

After admiring the world’s tallest statue of Lord Murugan, a Hindu deity, and an aqua blue statue of Lord Hanuman, we made our way up the 272 steps to the caves where many temples and shrines lay hidden in the limestone hollows.

I then joined the local worshippers in the cave temple to light a candle. The music was mesmerising and the heat from the candles was intense. People brought handfuls of sweet treats and ornamental offerings to lay before the gods and said their prayers. One of the locals came to help me with the lighting of the candle and explained where I needed to place it. It was awesome to see the temple and be part of such a spiritual celebration.

We had wanted to get to the Little India celebrations to see the festival in action, but time was against us. We made our way back in the train and Cherish took us to her favorite local eatery “The Rice Man” to try the local buffet style take away. Off to the airport for us, and stay tuned for my next post as we head to Milan to meet with the crew at Domus Academy. Also be sure to check Instagram and Facebook for some more pics!

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