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First Assignment Done

First Assignment Done And Dusted!

One of the assignments I have had to work on since the start of the trimester was a concert poster for Flume. This assignment had some restrictions as we were required to include specific information while also only including Colour and Type. This was deemed to be extremely challenging as we weren’t allowed to use any illustrations, logos or photography elements as this assignment was primarily about the development of understanding colour palette and typography.

As designers we have to consider the physical characteristics of the typeface to ensure it helps to convey the overall mood of the design. When choosing a colour palette we also had to consider the hue, Chroma and contrast, the psychological associations and ultimately the posters ability to be noticed and communicated effectively.

Throughout the process of designing this poster we had to develop some Transitionary stages displaying our original hand drawn ideas, once these ideas had been established grids were created to ensure our designs were balanced. After that stage the posters begin to take some form as we experimented with different typography and colour scheme.

As simple as this assignment may have seemed it was found to be quite difficult. One thing I’ve learnt during this process is to not be set with only one idea, as you might think something will look amazing but then it doesn’t. This assignment taught me how to use grids correctly and also how to accurately use typography and colour schemes to help convey an overall message or meaning.

See you next week!
Jess, Bachelor of Media Design


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