Now Reading: Meet Student Ambassador, Jessica studying Bachelor of Media Design

Meet student ambassador, Jessica

Meet Student Ambassador, Jessica studying Bachelor of Media Design

Bachelor of Media Design
Adelaide, South Australia

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Hi, I’m Jess
I’ve been awarded a full tuition scholarship for the Bachelor of Media Design and I’m so excited to start my first trimester of study with Torrens. Here’s a little bit about me….


I have always been interested in the creative side of things and seeing how something as simple like a good design can alter someone’s opinion or view. I really want to learn more about the design field as it is an industry which tends to be overlooked. I want take this opportunity of studying at Torrens to fully immerse myself into a creative mindset, have my eyes opened up and most of all I never want to stop learning. I always want to continue challenging myself and pushing myself out of my comfort zone to ultimately gain a new perspectives on the world.


I would love the opportunity to display and develop my leadership skills, for me to make new friends and develop new connections, both in the classroom and in the outside community. I want to help develop a close connection between the people of Torrens University not just between staff and students but between all students from a variety of different cultures, walks of life and also between the courses offered here. As a student ambassador I want to be able to help make the students voices heard and to help continue making Torrens a positive learning environment where we can make new friends and have amazing connections.

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