Now Reading: Meet Student Ambassador, Thien studying Bachelor of Commerce

Meet student ambassador, Thien

Meet Student Ambassador, Thien studying Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce
Adelaide, South Australia

Hi, I’m Thien

I’ve been awarded a full tuition scholarship for the Bachelor of Commerce and I’m really excited to commence my first trimester of studies at Torrens.

It’s been an honour to be accepted into the Torrens community and Laureate network. So far, Torrens has provided my classmates and I with state-of-the-art facilities and  industry-experienced learning facilitators.

I was initially drawn to Torrens after listening to a presentation given during year 12 about the engaging lectures that I now am able to thoroughly enjoy. Everything I imagined about studying at university has been better than I had ever expected. I’ve experienced a real sense of community spirit among staff, students and academics which has motivated me to study on campus. As part of my ambassadorial duties, I plan to contribute to the student voice by participating in the SRC, engaging in on-campus events. I plan to uphold this positivity for other students and myself to create a dynamic student body and enhance the learning experience for future students.

Keep an eye out for my weekly blog post!

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