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Aesthetics Degree

The face behind our NEW degree in aesthetics: Meet Carmen Perkins

Today, the beauty industry is much bigger than lipsticks, nail polish, and 3-in-1 mascara. It requires a deeper understanding of biology and science married up with the development of cutting-edge technology.

And, unlike many other industries that have felt the impact of the Global Financial Crisis, beauty is still booming.

So, to meet the demand for the next generation of beauty therapists, we have developed a course to drive innovation and help passionate students become leaders in the field. It’s the Bachelor of Health Science (Aesthetics).

carmen perkinsWe caught up with Carmen Perkins, the course Program Director here at Torrens University Australia, to find out more about the course and what’s happening in the beauty industry right now…

What excites you most about this new course?

The focus on innovation. The program delivers high-quality training that provides a strong foundation in health science, coupled with a holistic approach to the advanced area of aesthetics and dermal therapies.

What subject do you think will be the most exciting class to teach?

Aesthetic Practice with Technology II. There’s so much amazing technology embedded in ‘results-driven’ skin treatments and it covers technology such as radio frequency which has demonstrated impressive results in the areas of anti-ageing, specifically skin tightening. Radio frequency uses RF energy to heat tissues to stimulate subdermal collagen production. Students will love the opportunity to use high-level devices together with professional cosmeceuticals products to deliver great outcomes. I’m a big fan!

What do you wish someone had told you on your first day at uni/college studying beauty?

Get ready. Glitz and glamour may be what attract many to the beauty and spa industry, but it’s far more comprehensive than you think! The depth of knowledge required in areas such as skin therapies and biology is surprising and challenging at times, but it’s really interesting to learn and an obvious ‘must’ for professional therapists.
Students are also introduced to anatomy and physiology, nutrition and cosmetic chemistry. As I student, I remember that I thrived when given the opportunity to take my passion for beauty to the next level.

Can you describe the learning teaching style that prospective students can expect from the course?

Students will enjoy a collaborative learning environment that embeds the use of technology to maximise learning and engagement. Students have regular, hands-on experience, through the use of advanced equipment in a clinical environment.

aesthetics courseTo future-proof a career in beauty, what do you think a student needs to meet industry demands?

Take advantage of all networking opportunities and make the effort to attend any additional professional development events that offer specialised skills outside of the program that you are studying.

What’s your favourite career memory to date?

Too many to name here! Clients bring a lot of great memories and make this a very rewarding career. As a Program Director, every student graduation event fills me with absolute pride. Seeing students receive their qualification in front of their family and friends, is really significant and makes me happy.

What are some lesser-known roles (or surprising career outcomes) that this course could lead to?

One of our students turned her love of blogging and beauty products into a paid job. The internet has been a game-changer for the industry. For example, two of Australia’s biggest beauty bloggers have social media influence on a global scale. Together, they reach in excess of 6 million people worldwide across Facebook and Instagram alone!

What’s happening in the beauty industry at the moment that excites you most?

The continuous introduction of new technologies allows therapists to achieve increasingly impressive results.

One particular trend that is of interest to me at the moment is concerned with the impact of pollution on skin. Many product companies are specifically tailoring treatments and products to address this new wave of skin concerns.

Another hot topic is the collaboration between nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals. Cosmeceuticals continue to be popular as a highly effective treatment for anti ageing, but an increasing number of consumers are combining them with nutritional supplementation (nutraceuticals) to support overall skin health and treatment of skin problems.

What are your favourite beauty blogs or social media channels?

YouTube tutorials are fantastic and the sheer volume means you can find a video on most beauty topics.

Both Beauty Crew and Beauty Heaven are great for regular bursts of beauty info on new products and treatments. LinkedIn have some excellent professional groups that provide regular industry updates – a must for every aspiring professional in the area of aesthetics.

Interested in a career in beauty? Explore our new Bachelor of Health Science (Aesthetics) or learn more about our Beauty Courses.

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