Uniting our Passion for Naturopathy at the Australian Naturopathic Summit 2018

southern school of natural therapies

Torrens, Australian College of Natural Therapies (ACNT) & Southern School of Natural Therapies are proud to sponsor the Australian Naturopathic Summit (ANS).

Some of the hardworking team from the Southern School of Natural Therapies (SSNT) are bound for the Australian Naturopathic Summit! Held from 24 – 26 August and will bring together leaders from across the industry to share ideas, network, inspire, learn and celebrate naturopathy and the natural therapies community.

How one incredibly inspired student became a leader in the natural therapies industry

Initiated two years ago, the Summit is considered one of the largest independent Complementary Medicine and Natural Therapies events in Australia. It is the brainchild of proud SSNT alum, Rachel Arthur, who has established herself as one of the most respected industry leaders, known for her contemporary medical advances in the Naturopathic space.

Fortunately for us, Rachel also remains actively involved with her Alma Mater, where she was not only a former student but also a past lecturer at SSNT. She also participates in our course advisory committee and has mentored our graduates in her intern program. 

This year, we are proud to be an official sponsor and the only education partner of the Summit – bringing together the expertise, industry reputation, and quality education provided by our network in Torrens University, ACNT & SSNT. With a focus on enhancing student outcomes, 15% of all sponsorship funding will be directed back to students by supporting industry placements and internships.

SSNT Alumni & Academics: Taking over the ANS Honour Roll!

The Summit will also celebrate the industry’s best with a range of awards on offer. We’re incredibly proud that 11 of our staff and alumni across Australia and New Zealand have been nominated for industry awards! With so many lecturers and alumni on the roll – it is a great testament to the quality of education that has been provided by SSNT’s for over 50 years!

Congratulations to Greg Connolly, Ayesha Amos, Sandra Villella, Rachel Arthur, Jules Galloway, Rebecca Wrinkler, Jan Batty, Helen Margulies, Karly Raven, Ian Breakspear and Georgie Stephen. Best of the luck, team! 

“Congrats SSNT on offering a course that was so incredibly progressive and raised the bar back when I was ready to embark on this path!”

– Rachel Arthur, industry leader, founder of the Australian Naturopathic Summit, and proud SSNT alumni.

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