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Why I love Mondays | Torrens University

Why I love Mondays: Alumni Spotlight

As the saying goes,

“Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life”

To us, success is about loving what you do. We’re passionate about giving people the skills they need to get to land their dream job. Just imagine what the world would be like if everyone loved what they did?

Here are a just few of our inspiring and successful alumni who have found work that lights them up and makes them love Mondays.


Jeremy How

My Dad once said, “get a haircut and get a real job”. I guess he was frustrated that I was spending his money on things I thought were cool. I rebelled, grew my hair longer and found solace in the disruptive design culture at Billy Blue. I love Mondays because I get paid to make cool things and my Dad couldn’t be prouder.”
Jeremy How, Senior Designer, Billy Blue Creative

“I’m passionate about helping young women overcome disordered eating and the unhealthy obsession with nutrition. Being able to witness people transform every day is so rewarding. My career has far exceeded any dream I’ve ever had. I’ve been granted the opportunity now to reach a much larger audience through social media and the blog (@JSHealth) where I can inspire people in a bigger way. I really never imagined I could be an author. I feel so fortunate to do what I do.”
Jessica Sepel, Alumni, Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Nutrition) and owner of JSHealth

Jeremy How

“I love working with people to bring their dreams into tangible work through graphic design and photography as a freelancer. One of my favourite parts of it is having awesome relationships with people who have products/services I really believe make the world a better place, and getting to be part of sharing that with the world.”
Josie Harvey, Diploma of Graphic Design alumni, currently studying the Bachelor of Communication Design

Jeremy How

“The best part of what I do is that I’m empowered to challenge myself to define strategies for creating more value and revenue to my business, which in turn, will enable me to provide further support to social projects. As an entrepreneurial start-up, my day develops in many fronts at the same time, having to deal with every aspect of the business, from the general manager all the way down to sales, marketing, networking, operations and administrative workload. It’s an exciting yet challenging experience.”
Santiago Mechia, owner of Yaku Latin Goods and Global Project Management graduate

Jeremy How

“The feeling I get when my guest have a good experience is this warm, proud, almost teary feeling because I’m so happy to know that what I’ve done has been allow them to relax and get away from their crazy lives at home.”
Laurel Hill, owner of Athelstane House and Master of International Hotel Management graduate.

Jeremy How

“I’m really excited about getting the chance to give people on the Autism spectrum to open up this new world for them. Understanding autism is about forgetting about stereotypes and expectations and meeting a person as a human being. Autism has a lot to give to the world, in terms of showing how human beings can be different, and how that difference is what makes everything beautiful.”
Paul Micalef, mentor for the ICAN Network and co-designer of MOOC – The Voices of Autism

Jeremy How

“My favourite part of my job is the fact that you’re dealing with so many people at once. In a restaurant, the chefs will only cook for a maximum of tables of 10, whereas in catering you’re generally cooking for around 200 people, in large-scale cases even 2000, and so there’s a different type of pressure and I love that. The sense of adrenaline you get is like no other.”
Tim Darton, Bachelor of Culinary Management

Ellie Huynh

“I’m so fortunate to get to apply the theory of time management, quality management, risk management, organisational behaviour and people management not only to improve my individual work but also to my team performance. It’s so rewarding to be able to put your skills into practice. I’m really fortunate to love what I do and work with cultures from all over the world. It’s something I am truly passionate about.”
Ellie Huynh, Graduate Diploma of Global Project Management alumni, Snakk Media

Chris Rawson

“It’s so cool to wake up and get paid to do what you actually want to do, I love doing what I’m passionate about every day.”
Chris Rawson, Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design and Designer of Zanerobe

Jeremy How

“At my first job, I was washing dishes at a restaurant with no English. Now I work as a model/actor and get to study what I’m truly passionate about. I’m very proud of what I have achieved and how far I have come. To have my freedom to do what I want, and to achieve my dreams, without having to rely on other people. I never thought I was going to go to a University in Australia, never thought I would be working on big commercials, and so on, the list is endless, and this is only the beginning of a great journey.”
Rubens Abreu, Counselling

Jeremy How

“For me, as cliché, the best part of my work is the environment. Finding a workplace in the hospitality industry that exerts positivity and personal connection is honestly so hard these days, and I’m so grateful to be able to work at a place that has a strong set of beliefs and values. Everyone has the same dedicated attitude and this is reflected in not only how we work together, but in the coffee and the food too. A warm, welcoming work environment always delivers an amazing product.”

Natalie Reed, Bachelor of Culinary Management

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