Surviving Year 12

study tip for year 12

Whether it's HSC or Uni Exams, everyone has a plan of attack.

Whether it's HSC or Uni Exams, everyone has a plan of attack. 

You may be the type to go into recluse mode, brick yourself into your room and forget about everything else in life - like food, friends and showering. You turn into a highlighter-wielding, note-scribbling, tired and 'hangry' hermit maniac.

Don't do it. Stressing out is not going to help you at all. Keeping level headed and remembering some of these basic things will help you maintain balance and study more effectively.

 You can also download your guide to "Surviving Year 12" here.

1. Sleep well

Having a full nights worth of sleep will clear your head and leave you fresh and alert. Adults are recommended 7-8 hours of sleep a night and school age children 9-11 hours. 

2. Eat Well

Eat your meals on time to stay healthy and keep your mind in focus. Studies have hinted that feeling hungry can affect attention span and irritability, none of which are helpful when studying.

3. Take Breaks - Get Outside

Whilst you are busy studying, you should take regular short breaks to clear your head and re-energise. Getting out for some exercise or for a quick catch up with friend can be very beneficial.   

4. Study Resources

Always get your information from credible sources - stick to text books and quality websites.

5. Note Taking and Repetition

Add structure to your notes - use bullet points. Highlight and colour code key points. Review your notes, and repeat again - repetition will help you remember. Some find it useful to type out notes, not only to tidy them up but also to encourage you to review. If you or someone you know is studying for their HSC, you can read about more tips and tricks in our eBook "Surviving Year 12" download it here.

6.Group Study

Getting together with your peers and studying collaboratively can make study a little more interesting and less daunting, though in this situation it is important to stay on topic.

7.Know When to Turn Off your Phone

Don’t be tempted by distractions. Have set times where you turn off your phone.


We hope this helps you in preparation for exam time and good luck! Check out more tips and tricks for high school students here.

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